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  1. I got mine for January 2021! Pretty big price increase.... but still worth it to us!
  2. My PVP just changed it without problem!!! So happy. Got to keep my booking and all perks... my balance just went down by $300 since I haven't made final payment yet.
  3. The same casino promotion for my cruise and same room is definitely $300 cheaper.
  4. Thanks everyone, trying to get my PVP on the phone today to get me connected with the right department. It's definitely $300 cheaper right now, so I'm hoping for good luck. I don't necessarily want the cash back, just credit!! We spend a ton of on board money between cheers, specialty dining, and extra tips, so every bit helps.
  5. Has anyone ever just canceled their cruise and rebooked it to get the better price? My January cruise is $300 cheaper right now if I were to book the same room. I sent the inquiry to receive credit for a price drop, but they would not honor due to it not being an early saver rate. It was a casino offer I believe. We have vacation protection... and even that price has dropped to $79/person!! Just wondering what the disadvantages would be if I did this. My PVP was also no help. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I had to move my January 2020 cruise to January 2021 due to a new baby. How far out are you able to make all of your specialty restaurant reservations? I’ve never booked this far out before and the online booking manager keeps saying “no results found” when I try to make my reservations. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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