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  1. As a follow up, after several weeks and many hours of communication with 4 different Azamara employees, I finally was able to reach someone who took the initiative to get this reviewed by someone with the authority and common sense to resolve it in a satisfactory way. Unfortunately, employees are working from home now and do not have ready access to supervisors and people with authority to solve problems. I am pleased that it was finally resolved, but disappointed that it took so much time and effort. I anticipate that the onboard experience should make up for the frustration.
  2. 1. You made an assumption that is incorrect. My cancelled cruise was booked in May 2019. 2. If no customers book for the future, we can all say goodbye to the cruising industry. If cruise lines have no bookings, and. thus, no demonstrable prospects for future income, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get the financing needed to hold them over.
  3. We don't know the answer on flights yet. The airlines were allowing greater flexibility than usual for tickets purchased at the time we booked (so we weren't as stupid as you might think), but we have to see how it works out. Azamara will compensate for change fees or airfare cancellations up to $1000 for international flights. That wouldn't cover the cost of the tickets, but we are looking into the possibility of changing them for a later trip we have booked.
  4. Phil, Perhaps there is a misunderstanding. I did NOT cause this problem. Of course, I would have no problem with any cruise being cancelled due to pandemic regulations or restrictions. However, the pandemic did not cancel these cruises. Azamara made the changes/cancellations for business reasons. I also have no problem with a cruise line making a business decision that is necessary to help them to survive during these incredibly difficult times. However, when this happens, I expect that the cruise line will make the least disruptive accommodation for the customer to fix the proble
  5. Tony, Thank you. My email is awardlow@yahoo.com. I am also looking at other alternatives, in case Azamara refuses to resolve this in a satisfactory way. I found one so far, on a luxury cruise line that I never sailed before, that has a similar itinerary and might be a good substitute. But, I hate having to leave Azamara to try another line when I have come to feel so comfortable on Azamara over the years. Anne
  6. Azamara told me that I could change to Sept, with 3 less nights, if I pay $2000 more and get $2000 less in OBC. Doesn't sound fair at all to me. Maybe you will get a different agent with a better answer/solution. Good luck. I would be interested to hear how things work out for you, if you don't mind sharing. I would be happy to send you my email address if you prefer.
  7. AJCM, I suggest that you wait until you see the communications that Azamara issued early last week to those who are booked on these cruises, because it has information about options that you should be aware of before you take the next step. If you had a travel agent on your bookings, they should have forwarded the communication to you last week. If you booked directly with Azamara, I would ask why they haven't been in touch with you before this. They were lovely itineraries and there is only one opportunity to get close to replicating them, which is in Sept 2021. Good luck in getting a resolut
  8. I was on the same b2b cruises as you, but I guess you know by now that the first segment has a totally changed itinerary that ends up in Dublin, not Bordeaux, and the next cruise is in Ireland, not France. We have been cancelled out with poor options offered. They claim the ship has been chartered, but Azamara is selling the new cruises in Ireland and Iceland. Does that sound like a charter? I completed the survey and told them that if we can't rely on them to actually deliver the cruises they sell us, why would we choose Azamara? Before this incident, they were always my favorite, go to cruis
  9. I am VERY unhappy with Azamara. Their cancellations included my TWO b2b cruises, totalling 26 nights, that have both been cancelled: (1) 14 night May 26 Spain Intensive and (2) 12 night June 9 France intensive. My business class air is already booked. I convinced 2 friends to join me for the Spain cruise (first time they were booking Azamara) and they also have business class air paid for. Azamara's excuse is a moved charter date, but, if that is true, why is Azamara now selling every date in May & June? Not one date is missing! They just changed the itineraries to Ireland and Iceland. The
  10. I find it very exciting that there is a plan to return to cruising and to do it safely. I appreciate the steps to keep me and other passengers safe. I wouldn't want to cruise if they didn't take such measures. I have b2b cruises booked on Azamara for late May/June. If I have to take the ship"s excursions, I'll do it. It's better than staying home. I also have an earlier post-covid cruise planned. If I am lucky, I will be on the newest Princess ship in mid January. I will be happy to be tested, have my temperature monitored, wear a mask, and be able to sail!
  11. If it is necessary to wear a mask to protect myself and others, then, YES, I would wear a mask on a cruise. I also have no problem maintaining a safe social distance. I would rather be on a cruise ship with restrictions than not be able to cruise. Let those who want it all their way stay home. I prefer smaller ships, without large crowds anyway. I am booked for 2 cruises, in January and June 2021. I will be there with a mask on and keeping a safe distance, if that is still required. I just want to be cruising again soon!
  12. I spoke to a pleasant Azamara rep today (after a 25 minute wait) about the remaining amount that hasn't been refunded to me yet. She said that she can see that it is in process and should show up shortly. She confirmed that it appears that most refunds are being processed on Sunday nights, as someone else previously reported here.
  13. My refund amount is also short. On May 9, I received three refund transactions on my credit card for my April 26 cruise. (I didn't have any air, extras or prepaid items.) However, the total refund is short $414. Since you said they process refunds only on Sundays, I will wait to see if there is an additional credit this Sunday. Hope it's there, so I don't have to call.
  14. avw

    Larry Stepping Down!

    Royal Caribbean just reduced shoreside workforce in the U.S. by 26%. Same day that Larry resigned. One report said he chose this time to retire in order to save RCCL $$.
  15. Royal Caribbean just reduced shoreside workforce in the U.S. by 26%. That will likely slow down refund process.
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