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  1. I have a cruise booked. We have 2 rooms with one room having 4 kids in one and 1 kid with the us. We have connecting Oceanview rooms. I am wondering if i just buy one FTTF will that be fine for the kids to get on the ship with us? They are 11 and under. I don't really care if i only have one room ready when we get on. TIA
  2. We ended up renting a 15 passenger van for just over $300. I figuered that was a good deal since shuttle was around $170-200. And now we can do what we want for the 2 days before the cruise. Thank you everyone.
  3. We are flying into Orlando airport and need to get to the Cocoa area. We will have 13 in our group. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA
  4. We are flying into Orlando airport and need to get to the Cocoa area. We will have 13 in our group. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA
  5. When I used my points they showed up when I checked in at the Port. Keep your confirmation # just in case.
  6. We are coming 2 days before our cruise at the end of January. We have 13 people in our party. Is there a reasonable transportation company or is our choices Uber or Taxi? TIA
  7. I booked my cruise well over a year ago and it is almost here. I see the priced just dropped under what we paid. Can you get any OBC or not? No biggie just thought i would check.
  8. Thanks for all the information. We ended up booking with SAS transportation from FLL airport to Miami and from the port to FLL airport after. Feels great to have that booked. A little over 10 days left.
  9. It will be 6 adults and probably each person will have a suitcase. Do you think we can pack in? What kind of vehicles do they consider uber XL?
  10. What is the best way to travel from FLL airport to Miami? We are staying a few minutes from the port. There will be 6 of us in our party. TIA.15 days out on the Bliss.
  11. Thanks for the review. We are going on the Bliss in 3 weeks and it will be our first cruise with NCL. We have been on Carnival 4 times and loved them. Just want to try a different line and see. Hoping we have a blast.
  12. We are thinking about taking our 5 kids that range from 10 to 3 years old February of 2020 on a cruise on the Breeze. Last year we went on the Carnival Dream and had a blast. It seems the Breeze has more for the kids. Is that true? Give me a good reason to book right now. Last time we had connecting ocean view rooms which worked out great. TIA.
  13. Following along. Thanks for the pictures. Going on the Bliss the first week of February.
  14. Enjoying the review. We leave in 57 days on the Bliss.
  15. How much did it cost you to get to Trunk Bay and back? Thinking of going but not sure if we want to do the excursion or just go ourselves? We are there from 7-3 in February. Thanks
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