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  1. I'll take an Old Fashion or a Sazerac. Old New Orleans drinks.
  2. Remember American Express, "American Express will not charge any foreign transaction fee on the purchases you make outside of the United States with your Card. However, there may be circumstances where ATMs or merchants charge a fee on foreign transactions."
  3. As you may know, Thomas Keller is part owner of a caviar company. I would suggest Keller might supply Seabourn. see
  4. Yes, I did. So I guess I am set for two dinners. Thanks for the advice.
  5. My second reservation was posted to the Cart and I was able to complete the reservation. My first booking is not showing in the Cart. It shows up in the Itinerary but not in the Cart.
  6. Yes, I was able to book two reservations for TK on the 14 day cruise.
  7. Thanks. I'm on a 14 day cruise so I'll try to book another.
  8. I'm seeing discounts on SB that say you "May"get the discounts listed but there seems to be no guarantee. You may get some, all or none. Seems to be poorly worded or misleading. What gives?
  9. My cruise documents say we can only have one reservation for TK Grill but I have read from others about multiple reservations on a cruise. Is it one per cruise or not?
  10. Our TA booked through the Polar on-line when we booked the cruise. Got the cabin # right there. I understand a few companies use that web site.
  11. We are sailing in June 2020 and have our cabin number already.
  12. Have not been on Seabourn yet. However, the food and service was outstanding. They even took us into the kitchen. Pros in action. I would not expect ship food to be as good. Imagine the difference in kitchens. The land-base one was huge. Also, less frozen food on land.
  13. We have dined at The French Laundry. Wonderful meal but be sure to bring plenty of money. $1k for two.
  14. Yes, I should have been more clear. Extra bottles are charged $15 each beyond the one bottle per person.
  15. Of course you are only permitted to bring one bottle of wine per person onboard.
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