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  1. Yes, you can take food/drinks from the lounge back to your room. We did it with no issues. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Sorry, forgive my ignorance, I didn’t know you were an expert/doctor. Enjoy your next cruise. I will.
  3. Why would facts change in a few months? Do your own research. That’s what I did. Just don’t condemn people and medical doctors who believe differently from you. My body my choice. Same with you. God speed.
  4. I agree! We were right across from the lounge on the Royal in R609. LOVED it. No noise at all.❤️ Can’t wait to get back. Booked the same suite next year for a B2B!
  5. Ask Questions. RESEARCH for yourself. https://aspe.hhs.gov/cdc-—-influenza-deaths-request-correction-rfc https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/covid-19-when-should-you-wear-a-face-mask/ https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-do-face-masks-work.html https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200315/Wearing-masks-may-increase-your-risk-of-coronavirus-infection-expert-says.aspx
  6. Interesting. One good thing, Princess has a leg up on other cruise lines with their hands-free Medallion. I bet others will soon copy them.
  7. I wonder if the cruise lines will implement “Safety Plans” similar to what the large resorts in Las Vegas are implementing. Vegas casino resorts plan to reopen June 4, 2020. It will be interesting to see how things go. https://www.mgmresorts.com/content/dam/MGM/corporate/corporate-initiatives/safely/seven-point-safety-plan.pdf
  8. On another note, the large resorts in Las Vegas are planning to open up in June. It will be interesting to watch how things go once they open. I wonder if cruise lines will implement similar “Safety Plans”. https://www.mgmresorts.com/content/dam/MGM/corporate/corporate-initiatives/safely/seven-point-safety-plan.pdf
  9. Are you able to spend one passenger’s FCC but ask for a refund for the other passengers?
  10. Hi Joe! How are you guys? Absolutely! THAT would be a party!🥳🍹🥂 Such a bummer having to cancel a couple of cruises. Our next one is scheduled on NCL for July 4, 2020. Crossing our fingers...🤞🤞
  11. I checked on that and both individual cruises were more. Definitely not the same amount. They might just be using it as a placeholder for now, and will adjust for the true costs. I’ll keep you posted! I’ve never seen this before. Interesting.
  12. Just checked the original costs for each cancelled cruise. Both were more than the price listed on the “Z” Summary. Hmmm....
  13. 🧐Hmmm... could be! I had a B2B cancelled so 2 cruises total or 14 days. I HAVE rebooked the same cruise(s) for next year and have NOT received any Future Cruise Credit yet. The amount they are showing In the “Z” Travel Summary is WAY below what our FCC should be though. My guess is they are still working through all of these refunds. I feel for the Princess staff. What a nightmare far ALL involved.
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