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  1. We are booked on the December 20, 2020 Panama Canal. We are going if it sails, but at this point, I am losing hope. 😩 We paid for it using previous FCC (2 cancelled cruises in April 2019) so cancelling at this point does not benefit us. Here's hoping our February or April 2020 cruises sail.
  2. I am hoping to sail December 20, 2020 on the Panama Cruise but doubt it will sail. My daughter and I both had C19 so we are not worried about that aspect.
  3. Is anyone else having trouble trying to book specialty dinner reservations online? I am able to go through the booking process, but the system is not adding the reservations to my Summary. ?? Never had that happen before.
  4. Happening to me too. Ah well. Happy Friday!
  5. Great info! I emailed a screenshot of my CCL shareholder proof along with my name, member #, ship names, cruise dates and booking numbers yesterday, and BOOM - OBC was there for each cruise this morning! Fast! 😁
  6. I am on that one too. I think it will depend if the ports open up or not. Mexico and LA still closed for passenger ships. BOO!
  7. NCL put the FCC in my account within the week. It was the best way to pay off an upcoming 2021 cruise before the full payment was due. I'd rather use FCC right now rather than hard cash. I am not sure why Princess took much longer to put FCC in our account. Hopefully we will all be sailing again SOON!
  8. Princess should do what NCL does. You can apply your FCC to any booking right from the website (using FCC is one of the payment options). It would save Princess all those calls!
  9. We were supposed to be on the Bliss headed to Mexican Riviera starting Oct 25, 2020. I got this notice when I logged in (see below). This is the same notice I got right before they canceled our POA Cruise this July. It’s going to happen soon is my guess.
  10. Yes, you can take food/drinks from the lounge back to your room. We did it with no issues. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. Sorry, forgive my ignorance, I didn’t know you were an expert/doctor. Enjoy your next cruise. I will.
  12. Why would facts change in a few months? Do your own research. That’s what I did. Just don’t condemn people and medical doctors who believe differently from you. My body my choice. Same with you. God speed.
  13. I agree! We were right across from the lounge on the Royal in R609. LOVED it. No noise at all.❤️ Can’t wait to get back. Booked the same suite next year for a B2B!
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