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  1. Vitamin Water Zero is available at Oceanview Cafe. Flavors limited and vary but available.
  2. We have always been able to change our 1st night reservation to a different night when we boarded. If you book a dining package I would recommend you make all your specialty reservations as soon as you board. Best chance at getting days/times you prefer.
  3. Crazy...We went from our booked CS cabin on deck 7 to deck 6, back to deck 7 but the cabin next door. Today we are now assigned a cabin on deck 8. Never to guarantee but definitely playing musical cabins 😂😂
  4. I’ve skimmed through a few threads about photo packages but didn’t really find what I was looking for. We’ve been on 10 or so Celebrity cruises and I don’t ever recall seeing photographers around the ship outside of embarkment day, leaving the ship when in port and before and during dinner. Maybe I haven’t noticed because I’m not looking (typically dislike having my photo taken as I did not get the photogenic gene like the rest of my family 😂) are they out and about other times and if so any tips on finding them? Also have read contradicting info on whether the photos you will receive will only be the ones with the paying passenger included or whether you will receive any with ANY passenger in the cabin. We have 3 traveling in the same cabin and would be nice to get a couple of individual shots yes, I’m going to roll the dice that at least a few that include me will turn out half okay 😂
  5. Getting close. Back to our original deck with an assigned cabin just not the same one as booked. Instead the cabin next door. That’ll work too 😁
  6. Today my TA was told to check back in 2 days regarding our change in cabin #/deck.
  7. To add, not that it would be earth shattering to be in a suite on deck 6 (1st world problems) but selected 7 vs 6 for a reason. We shall see. Either way it’s a cruise to great places!
  8. My reservation has been fine for our Jan 2021 cruise, Celebrity Suite on deck 7. Today our reservation is showing a cabin on deck 6. Hope that isn’t true 😩
  9. We were able to use dining package for Sushi on Five on 2 different cruises.
  10. Thanks for the tip. We have a 3rd person so had purchased the Classic Pkg. Just cancelled that one and purchased the Premium Pkg and saved $50!!
  11. Catamaran with lobster lunch remains one of my top 2 favorite excursions. Calabaza Sailing in Barbados is #1. Great crew, great food, great snorkeling, so much fun. Small group and crew waited on us hand and foot. Can’t wait to get back to Barbados to do it again. Enjoy whatever you choose to do!
  12. You keep the perks from your original booking and get any additional benefits included for the class (Blu for aqua, Luminae for suites, lots of benefits for Royal suite). My understanding anyway.
  13. Booked in a CS but watching the price of RS. Got lucky once with a really good resident rate in a RS cabin on S class (the start of our suite addiction and it is true, it is addicting) and the perks are great but room itself is most important to us. Thought I read a post or two indicating CS had some nice features over RS on M class ships. Any insights appreciated!
  14. Clicking the “like” button was not enough! Well said ❤️
  15. Just to provide an update..as I mentioned we didn’t expect an adjustment due to a price drop after final payment..we knew the risk, we wanted the cabin, we are totally happy with the cabin and were willing to pay what we paid. As some have said in previous posts on these boards, we would not expect to be asked to pay more when the price goes up which it often does o why should we expect a refund when it goes down. Celebrity is in business to make money and expectations should be realistic given that fact. Having that said, we are very happy they agreed to give us the 2 extra perks matching the sale offer for perks. Must have looked at our casino trends and decided it was an okay business decision 😂😂😂 Seriously, very happy they were willing to add the extra perks.
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