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  1. Can anyone confirm how much detail someone can see in to the shower and toilet room from the balcony and beyond when they place the shower and bath right next to the balcony and the bed in the front of the cabin? We do not want to scare our teenager nor do we want amuse those with binoculars on other ships or on shore while we shower or use the bathroom. Frankly, I think it is as strange was the Epic to put such intimate rooms right in public view, but am hoping that some can confirm they have one way glass or mirrors. Specifically we looking at the Haven Aft the Escape but switch to a
  2. Good move, but I do not believe they will come close to $60 for years. Remember to finance this shut down they had to dilute their outstanding shares by at least 20% mostly @ $12/share. With more shares outstanding the EPS will be lower regardless as to their revenue growth. In addition they have to payoff of their loans they took to reduce the additional interest expense, so their growth will slow even after the economy recovers. There best hope is acquisition.
  3. Based on what read and the signficant number of folks that were begging for the Email address of the one person that handles the OBC, I think it is too risky to withhold applying for the OBC. At the very least you can use it to leverage getting the OBC immediately when you have to complain for the delay when it is not received by early August. At these stock prices, they likely have an increase of 100 share shareholders that are going to swamp that person with requests as well. Yes, I agree prior to last year we were getting the OBC within 48 hours after submitting the claim a
  4. I respectively disagree. Once you have your brokerage statement, go ahead and email in the claim form. Last summer I submitted the form in early June for an end of August cruise. Barely got the credit in time for that cruise in mid-August. Now with their reduced staff it may take even longer. Get the peace of mind you deserve and submit it now. It will be an extreme hassle to try and get the OBC after the cruise since they nonrefundable OBC. I believe if your search FB or this site you will hear similar horror stories on how long it took to get the shareholder credit.
  5. Perhaps it depends on the ship. Are 13 YO was denied the kid menu after we were seated in a couple of specialty restaurants but we ended having to order and pay for a side at least---and then share our food, as we intended to do anyway. Hey maybe if you are 70 and say that you are twelve you can get away with using the kid menu but we do not want to teach our daughter to lie. Remember the kid is taking up a seat in the restaurant that could in theory be used by someone that is not getting a freebie.
  6. The cartons are biodegradable for the most part and will be naturally recycled in a few years. Plastics last forever, we have not developed micros to eat them up, they will also be threats to the animals that must move through them or confuse them for food and clog their systems up. It is not just about us.
  7. Remember, we can get bar service in our cabins for a bottle or two of the good stuff with any applicable mixers and reserve our free at sea perk for the cheap stuff. This pricey service would still be cheaper than the the premium plus upgrade.
  8. Actually the kid menu is go for kids under 13, 12 YO are eligible.
  9. Just book and pay for your excursions online so that you can ascertain that you got your discount before you even board and then waste away your life time calling a NCL human should the discount not be there. Never not seen the discount applied, and we books some excursions knowing we will cancel them once on board so that we can building up more the allowed $1,000 in OBC you can purchase. Also, on the disembarkation excursions, we have had to submit tickets to get the $50 excursion credit, we generally request that it be included as an OBC on our next cruise. Do not know
  10. The only exception is purchasing soda (ie Coke) and water from the vending machines your embarkation port after you have passed through security.
  11. You will see, they are actually at least 2.5 feet by nearly 4 feet tall. Maybe you thought they were just advertising signs.
  12. Funny, when we were on the Bliss in 2018 we saw at least two dozen reservation screens spread throughout the ship, generally on nearly all floors on the front or back of hall way dissecting past the elevator halls. That is similar to our experience on other ships as well, so I doubt the Joy would have fewer. Your stateroom TV is on option---once you can get in, but the NCL App likely will put your mind at ease since you might even be able make the reservations prior to boarding if you stand were the ship's wifi is strong enough.
  13. Still wondering how much bathroom privacy is afforded in configuration B. Can one be on the balcony and not see folks showering or bathing if they look through the window with the screens pulled down?
  14. Sure wish my spouse was like you. She does not want to miss out on all the spa services offered each day, gambling, game cards in the atrium, shopping, and other special events.
  15. Among the other reasons presented, the worst thing about a vacation is having to pay for it after the fact. Pay as much of it up front before the vacation and one will find that the benefits of the vacation are far more long lasting. We even get around the $1,000 OBC limit by purchasing Shore Excursions we know we are going to cancel the moment we embark. I think the rule of thumb is you should expect to pay as much on the excursions you take and other incidentals such as spa services as you spent on your cabin. If you stay in a balcony or Haven it can be harder to do that.
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