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  1. Thank you. I guess I will just have to wait until August to see.
  2. Thank you. It would have been fun if they opened but it surely won't ruin our cruise.
  3. Do anyone know if the divider on the aft facing balcony on the Summit can be opened if you have a friend in the next cabin. Thanks for any information you may have to share. I know they can be opened on some ships but not on others.
  4. This is just a hint I picked up some time ago. It won't help you find who the memory card belongs to in this case but it could help in the future. My first picture on every memory card I purchase contains my name and my cell phone number. That way if it should get lost the finder would know how to contact me
  5. Thanks SteelerCruiser. Many hotels offer the free cruise parking but our cruise is 14 nights and most offer the parking for only 14 days max. I appreciate the advice though
  6. Thanks you for the links and the information. We have always driven to the port before but for 14 nights we are rethinking that and your help is appreciated.
  7. Has anyone had any experience with Stay 123. They are offering several packages in Ft. Lauderdale and since our cruise is 14 nights we are thinking of booking one of those rather than paying for parking at the pier. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks for your review Tranquil Waters. It's great to see you cruising again. We leave on the Summit Sept. 2nd.
  9. Thanks for the information. Have rearranged our plans so we will be working our way back to Hamilton.
  10. Thanks njhorseman. Just checking out all my options.
  11. Looking to spend a full day in St. George and then stay there til after the last ferry for dinner. Any idea how much a taxi will cost to get us back to the Dockyard?
  12. Thanks for your review. Really looking forward to sailing the Summit on Sept. 2nd. So glad you enjoyed your trip
  13. This sounds like the same tour we took with Celebrity in March. If it is, don't miss it. It was one of the best tours we have ever been on. I believe it was about 6 hours long - took us to 2 separate beaches to swim and while we were at the first beach they set up the grill on the deck and grilled lobsters while we sailed to the second beach. I believe it was a little over $100 per person but worth every single penny.
  14. Radio - Please - what type of camera are you using. I am enjoying all the beautiful photos of the Silhouette - much better than the ones I took last month.
  15. Thanks for the information librarylady. I thought it might have had sometime to do with the cruise itself. Will know definately on Tuesday whether we can make this cruise or not - if so, I'll join the roll call.
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