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  1. It was in July 2018, I booked GTY in Feb 2018, received my cabin assignment in April 2018. It was an Alaska cruise on Radiance of the Seas. I have read that even if you have received your cabin assignment with a GTY booking it is possible the cruiseline can reassign you later.
  2. We did Radiance southbound in July 2018. We flew to Anchorage a few days early and checked out the area and enjoyed the Fourth of July fireworks. Being the land of the midnight sun, the fireworks show did not start until 11:45 p.m. We rode the train from Anchorage to the Seward port. The sunset photo was taken at 11 p.m over Cook Inlet. The train is traveling toward Seward along Cook Inlet.
  3. As close as your sail date is, I think you will be getting an assignment within the next week or so. However, I have read that some people didn't get theirs until they arrived at the port. I got mine on a GTY cabin about 90 days before sailing.
  4. BBQluver


    We stayed at the Quality Suites in Historic Downtown. Shuttle service is available to and from both the airport and train station. They don't have a restaurant, but there are places to eat within a fifteen minute or less walk. We were there in July 2018.
  5. We enjoyed renting a car in Skagway and driving to Emerald Lake. Nice photo spots along the way. Another positive is that you can reserve the rental with Avis with no deposit and if you need to change plans there is no cancelation charge. We loved being able to stop wherever and whenever we wanted to.
  6. Our daughter and family just disembarked from the Breeze today. I asked how the cruise was. She must have gotten the same wait staff in the MDR. Two hours for meals, wrong food delivered, servers were not friendly. They did have a good room attendant.
  7. Thanks for the information. I have saved it to my drop box for planning before leaving for our cruise in July. Looks like I need to change my MTD reservation on Day 1. The time I reserved is during the muster drill.
  8. The link has been updated. The OP didn't update with a new post, she corrected the link in the trip report post. When I clicked on it last night, it had the compass programs for the May 2018 northbound sailing.
  9. The compasses have been updated. There is not a new posting. She updated the link on the the first post so that the compass pdf files are the one of the 2018 northbound sailing she was on.
  10. As an addition to my above comment, I noticed that the Compasses that were posted are dated for June 2017. Were the activities more or less the same for your cruise this year?
  11. Thanks for the report. I appreciate the menus and the daily compass guides. They help me with planning for our southbound trip coming up in July. We live in Oklahoma, also. By July we will be ready to cool off in Alaska.
  12. Checked our port dates in July. I was glad to see that the Bliss would not be in port at the same time we are.
  13. Sorry I can't help, but I like the profile name you have. We are going on our first cruise to Alaska in July. Let me know if you came across any good 'cue' during your cruise. :D
  14. Thank you. Between the two of us, we should be able to use the entire card in seven days.
  15. I have read that the coffee card can be shared. Is that correct? Also, do you wait until onboard before getting one or can you order ahead of boarding? :hot-beverage::hot-beverage: :hot-beverage:
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