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  1. If loving it is bad I don't want to be good! Mofongo is sent from heaven.
  2. Lurker Mimi RN finally on board! Great review Sid!!
  3. So very sorry Kim. You have been through it and are entitled to every tear that drops. Praying for you to heal and strength for your family.
  4. Thanks Sid for a wonderful review and an extraordinary glimpse into your life. and travels. You Rock!
  5. That makes me think he was returned to the ship after an investigation because the hub app had his replacement Captain on it Wednesday morning?? And again, I wrote about my experience. You may have a different perspective based on your experience.
  6. Thanks Sid for a wonderful review and a glimpse into your love for D. You have touched my heart and entertained me for 7 days with your brilliant review. Don't give up hope for happiness, it shows up when you least expect it! :p:p
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