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  1. I want to be clear that I'm not disagreeing with you. It's very possible Princess Cruises is rigging the machines and doing something to alter paybacks on a whim. And I agree that that might be doing it. BUT... here is a problem I have. If it's possible to rig the game, some people would certainly take advantage of this for their personal gain. If you were in charge of rigging a machine for Princess, you could do a little extra rigging to your benefit and then tell your family or friends to go play that game and win all the money. So... it would actually be in Princess best interested to have a fair and balanced machine that can't be rigged. For their benefit mostly and indirectly ours too. Still doesn't mean they don't set the payback to the minimum 80% required by Vegas law, but I doubt they can be rigged.
  2. Does Princess have a Captain's Table where you dine with the Captain? I would assume you would have to be invited for some reason, celebrity or other reason. I would never be invited, but just curious. Has anyone been to the Chef's Table recently? Good food, decent people? Is it worth it?
  3. The statement that I made was that unless the casino is doing something nefarious, in cahoots with the slot manufacturer they are unable to request a payout lower than the Nevada rules, which is 80%. The implication of posts on the forum were that somehow the slots of cruise ships are worse payback than those in Nevada. That is not true (unless they are violating their rules) -- the slots are the same ones found in Nevada. I think the assumption that many make is that the cruise lines are out to screw us at any opportunity they can so of course they would set them at 80% and not a percentage point more to make as much profit as possible and also because their isn't competition casino across the street. The truth is we don't know what the payback is, but it is the same requirement as Nevada. And based on my personal experience playing the casino slots it is a very similar experience to Vegas land based casinos. I don't feel like I lose more and faster than I do in Vegas.
  4. Here's the slot payouts in Vegas: https://www.americancasinoguide.com/slot-machine-payback-statistics.html#Nevada They average 87-96% And 80% is the minimum required by Nevada law. It doesn't mean the cruise slots are all at the minimum. The truth is we don't know what they are. It's highly likely they are simply buying the same damn average mix of machines they have in Vegas. Personally, I've played both places A LOT, and I would agree the cruise line slots feel "tighter", but I end up with a similar experience that I do in when I visit Vegas, it's not too terribly different.
  5. You are correct that they are not regulated by a governmental body and the payback is better on some machines in Vegas, but they are regulated to some extent. I was curious what the facts were. And I love to research to find the actual facts. When it comes to the online casino on Princess Cruise ships, all of the slot machines follow Nevada Gaming rules and laws and have follow the minimum paybacks that the Nevada Gaming commission has set forth, which are at least 80%, but they can select higher when they purchase the slot machine. Most of the major cruise lines belong to a regulatory body called the Cruise Lines International Association, a group created by the cruise lines to set forth rules and regulations that they all will follow. When it comes to slot machines, they operate the same as they do in Nevada. Cruise lines are not buying or getting special machines that have worse odds than those found in Vegas. Although many machines in Vegas might pay out more, the cruise machines at least meet the minimum payback required by Nevada law. So, unless Princess is in cahoots with IGT or other slot manufacturers to get machines that benefit them more than the Nevada machines already do, they are basically the same slot machines you'll find in Vegas. https://cruising.org/about-the-industry/policy-priorities/clia-oceangoing-cruise-line-policies/other
  6. When I get on board the ship, I used to go to royal.princess.com, which is a ship specific App, which I now believe is replaced by the Medallion Apps. I'm not sure if royal.princess.com works anymore on board. If you go to simply princess.com you get their App for all ships and your account, booking engine, deck plans, etc.
  7. I agree and it is terrible. How can a business continue to operate if they are not selling anything? I guess that is their problem and not ours. I suppose if everyone did it and it was so packed with freeloaders they would have to charge to sit and/or charge for wi-fi. Which I agree would be ridiculous or maybe not? It is a bit different for the cruise, because we've all paid to be on the cruise and "on" is anywhere open to the public. While I do agree technically people are allowed to do this, it's not a first world problem nor entitlement to want to find a seat to sit and there is not opportunity to wait for one in a queue. Perhaps they should do what they do for the premium restaurants? Require a sitting fee and seat by host/hostess. Yes, it has become this popular! I for one would be totally willing to spend an extra $5 per entry, just to get rid of the freeloaders. Princess if you're listening -- please make the IC a speciality restaurant. If we can't police ourselves, perhaps Princess can do it.
  8. It's not just cruising, It's kind of the irritating thing about life now. I guess I'm old enough to remember when doing impolite things you would get the serious stink eye from an older person and we respected them to not do it again. There was just social structure and rules to keep things civil for everyone, a sharing mentality, politeness. Today, it's all about doing what and when you want and could care less about anyone else - being empowered, being your own individual, doing what makes you happy. It's a race to the social bottom. Soon, we will be acting like cavemen and dragging women around by their hair again.
  9. I wonder if I went to the dining room on formal night (in shorts and tshirt no less) and proceeded to setup my monopoly board game in a dining room table and proceeded to play without ordering food, occasionally ordering a water? I bet I could do it, but everyone would be like *****. I think the OP is getting at the same thing, there is a time and place for everything. The screw everyone else attitude is a major problem today and just isn't good manners nor neighborly.
  10. Wow, that sounds like fun. Nice to see something new, great job to the people who put it together!
  11. I bring Starbucks instant coffee packs (yes, i'm a starbucks snob, i know not everyone likes the burnt taste) and in the morning I put two in my thermal mug and go up to the horizon court and add water and cream and voila - instant starbucks. One time I tried using the coffee they make from the tap and I did and it was nasty -- I think they make it with toilet water. Also, I make iced coffees the same way, fill with ice and instant, add hot water, cream and voila instant coffee!
  12. Thanks so much! Now if they only would do this for the unlimited beverage package! What a wonderul sea day that would be! Next day, not so much.
  13. Two tricks I do sometimes: I bring instant Starbucks coffee, put 2 of them into my thermal mug and walk to the Horizon Court and fill with hot water from the dispenser and add some cream. I did this every early morning and then walk around the ship in the morning before everyone else woke up, just wonderful. The princess coffee is just ok, I admit I'm a Starbucks snob, I know not everyone likes the burnt taste. I also bought the coffee package and all of those too! What's not to love on a cruise! The other trick I did in the afternoon was fill my mug with ice and fill with their brewed coffee, add some sugar and cream and instant iced coffee! I must have drank 50 of these the last cruise!
  14. Does anyone know if you can purchase an Internet pass by the day? I know you can purchase an entire week pre-cruise or you can purchase minutes, but what about by the day (unlimited)? Thanks! Not sure I want the whole week, nor do I want to pay by the minute. But, I'd like a day or two, most likely the last sea day. Thanks!
  15. Most of the time I buy bottled water is because of convenience. If I'm out and about, especially traveling. I regularly go into a convenience store to get cold bottled water. If I'm in a restaurant at home I drink the tap water, but my weak stomach gets a little upset with tap water when traveling, especially in Mexico. However, when on the ship, I no longer buy the bottled water for my room, because I have found the tap water to be excellent quality. I regularly stop by the horizon court and get a few glasses with ice and bring to the room when I'm heading back to the room. Half the time I have bought bottled water for the room, I end up having it leftover when the cruise is over!
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