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  1. If platinum and platinum plus cruisers keep sending their money to NCL why should they spend theirs to get back to you? They are still getting your money so they don't care. It's that simple. There hasn't been enough loss in new or repeat cruisers to affect their bottom line so they will continue to ignore you until that happens, or until there is enough change at the top leadership levels to change it.
  2. Dr. Bricker was always chasing the ladies and seemed drunk all the time too!
  3. We did get to keep same cabins and all existing perks and were offered an upgrade but it was basically only in a better location and we'd rather have the $. We do understand that you can't ask again if price goes down and they've adjusted once already after final payment and cancellation date.
  4. Good for you, we only got the standard 25% of the difference. Were you already paid on full and past cancellation date?
  5. Hey, at least it's not just Ultra it's Ultra Premium! How long did they take to come up with that name making you think you're getting something really special? Coming soon for an upcharge plus 20% added for convenience will be the Top Shelf Max Ultra Deluxe Super Premium water. 🤑
  6. perhaps 5 or so threads on this in first two pages of this section of the boards. Look to those for a lot of details, pros and cons. We received horrible flights/times for domestic and could not change them. Some have been able to change and some are very pleased especially with international flights. Knowing how much they paid for our tickets, not surprised yours are that low either, especially if they are the type of flights/times ours are.
  7. I would love to know what you and newmexicoNita were doing, or what your relationship to NCL wast, to get NCL to budge on your flight times. They told me, quite rudely in fact, that it was what it was and there would be no changes. And i was very nice and non-confrontational to them when i called.
  8. So they cancelled your cruise, and are offering a replacement cruise but just as long as its not one of their more requested (max profitable) cruises and they'll give you OBC but you can't use it for DSC. So they cancelled a cruise you had booked and paid for, and now they want to dictate how you can use a reschedule credit and how their "thank you" only applies to certain fees. Wow, thanks for nothing. I would consider it a bad experience too. How about letting you reschedule of any cruise with availability and letting you use your "we're sorry" credit for whatever you want. And don't give me the they didn't know when they would do maintenance, they should schedule this in advance and not determine when maintenance would be done based on bookings/profitability after they've sold space on a sailing.
  9. Snacks? With that long of a delay you should expect a meal! Maybe they'd offer reimbursement for a dinner shoreside for passengers, although i don't see how they could pull it off like the airlines do. Don't know how they will serve dinner earlier than 8 p.m. and unless you had late reservations in a specialty restaurant, oh the chaos! So sorry for those attempting to embark today and for those whose home travel arrangements are now in shambles.
  10. I've heard that a lot and it's disappointing regardless of the line. ,I wish the money spent on the new Haven area would have been put towards a pier. Not to get into an old complaint, but you don't hear DCL missing Castaway nearly as much.
  11. We've skipped GSC both times we were supposed to stop there. Never laid eyes on the place except through binoculars as we sailed right on by so i don't know how much damage could be done. Isn't that where they were constructing a mega pool and lounge amenity only available to Haven passengers at an extra fee $$? Regardless, without having to reprovision the island and just offloading many things needed for the day, hopefully things were able to be tied down and secured before the storm passed.
  12. Ours will get us home after midnight as well, flight departing a full 11 hours after debarkation. From reading posts it seems international you have a shot at decent flights but domestic you'll most likely be stuck with late night/redeye flights that no one in their right mind would book if given a choice. Called NCL and the airline and was told the flight was so cheap and restrictive nothing could be changed. We have work and kid has school the next day, we can't afford an extra day off after getting home so late. Will perhaps pay for our own flights home. Regardless, will not bite on the free/reduced airfare offer ever again.
  13. Trying not to make excuses, but when you could check up to two bags for free on airlines i would take formal wear or at least suits for nightly dining and it would take one suitcase and one garment bag. With the extra fees now it is harder to fit complete formal/semi-formal wear in one suitcase along with everything else needed for a cruise. Couple that with the fear of lost/delayed baggage and we try to stick to resort casual (slacks/polo or button down, skirt/top or dress for women). Maybe I just don't know how to pack efficiently! The rise of for fee specialty restaurants has also diminished the MDR experience so that it in itself is not a "special experience" anymore, and the food and service quality have declined in MDR venues as well. At least we find this to be true for the main lines. Oceania and higher being exceptions. In addition, extra fees and dress codes have in todays society pushed passengers to buffets to avoid fees and tipping. With more and more of a cruise staff's compensation relying on service charges and tips, they need as many people to fill the MDR's as possible.
  14. Surf and Turf...in the Haven....was steak and SHRIMP....not steak and LOBSTER....????$$$$
  15. Yes, I know, just as going with the least expensive cruiseline when looking for a certain itinerary during a certain week also has drawbacks. Don't believe the hype of the great free perks they are offering and take a closer look. Lesson learned. But by the logic that booking passengers the cheapest flights is ok, we should also then be ok and expect the cheapest beer/wines/liquors on the included UBP, cheapest cuts of meat and ingredients in specialty restaurants on the included SDP, etc.
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