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  1. I was looking for reviews before I booked this excursion. I recieved 1 reply from a person who said their relative went on it and only caught a couple of small fish. Well fishing and catch6a few is better than not fishing at all. I booked this excursion through my cruise line Carnival. Lucky for my wife and I. There were only 4 other guests on this 22 man charter. The 6 of us went out on the boat "hooked up" which we found out was part of Reef Tours Ltd. The captain did an excellent job putting us on the fish. My wife an I caught over 15 each and just before the captain was ready to return back we were done. This was a great excursion only some of the keepers in the cooler.
  2. iShip - Ecstasy Deck - 5 Stateroom # - M250 Stateroom Category – 8A Starboard or Port Side - port side Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) –  stateroom was not a connecting stateroom  Balcony View - Great balcony views. No obstructed view. Close to the ocean very enjoyable. Two chairs and one small table. One of the chairs reclines.  Balcony Size? Normal size Was wind a problem? - not on our cruise. If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? No - we were about 3 cabins at the end of the hallway which kept traffic to a minimum. Any specific problems with this cabin? - cons: long walk to the front of the ship. The main dining room and the blue sapphire theater. Pros: near the side of lido deck, buffets, coffee, starlight lounge. It is deck 5 so your noise level is non existent.  Any other comments? - great cabin yes there is a hairdryer no fridge.
  3. Just got off Ecstasy Monday. There is a sewer odor that does hit the air from time to time in the hallways, around elevators and in some rooms. The cruise Director informed many of us that a sewer drainage pipe has been broken below in the crews dining area. All maintenance attempts to fix it have been in vain. Hopefully they will repair it in drydock.
  4. From the posts I am reading especially off the last two months it's more than occasional. If it's as bad as prior passengers are complaining I'll have the local Jacksonville news look into it.
  5. I am set to cruise out of Jacksonville Fl on the Ecstasy. I have logged on to numerous Facebook Carnival Ecstasy groups. The only complaint that is consistent on many prior Ecstasy cruises is a terrible poop smell near the elevators, on certain decks and unfortunately many rooms. Since Carnival is aware of this problem you would think they would fix it. Why wait to comp individuals that complain they should fix this problem before they get a class action suit. Anyway had I known before I booked I would have gone out of port Canaveral. I will update when I come back from our cruise.
  6. Ok, I let her know last night and she is thrilled. Leaving on a cruise in 5 days. She is ecstatic. Made her hair appointment for tomorrow. She is actually glad I didn't tell her months ago. I know my wife of 38 years.
  7. Your exactly correct. If I tell her to soon she will start going bonkers for no big reason. I feel this is just like a weekend getaway. Don't need that much notice. Last time we did a big cruise and trip was a month and to west coast (San Francisco, Seattle and then Alaska). For that we both took moths to prepare.
  8. I would never do her packing. And yes, I will tell her a few days before.
  9. What I decided to do is purchase the Bubbles unlimited soda package for my wife. I will bring some cans on for me. Also I now will bring a 68oz growler container for water and 2 36 oz insulated cups. We will also bring the 2 bottles of wine. That should be enough. Thanks for all the advice.
  10. Well 8 years ago I surprised her for our 30th and said we were going to NY. I took her to Vegas the New York New York casino hotel. Then from there 2 weeks in the Islands of Hawaii. She was in tears (of joy). She needs another good surprise.
  11. She just did her nails yesterday so that should not be a problem. I'm thinking 6 days notice should be enough. It's only a 4 night cruise.
  12. I just got off the phone with Carnival and Unfortunately we will not have a fridge in our room. I guess I'll bring some soft coolers.
  13. I wouldn't wait until we are at the dock. It's 11 days away just trying to get an idea as to when it would be to short notice.
  14. Just wondering, I very recently book a short quick 4 day cruise. It's less than 2 weeks away and I have not told my wife yet. I know my wife and she will be thrilled. Just not sure when I should let her know that we are not going on a casino boat but a short cruise ship. I figured she just needs a couple of days notice. Am I wrong? Caveat: we are not newly weds, we have been marry many years.
  15. Can we bring N a can of soda or do we have to put it in a cup?
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