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  1. Seas look rough. How are they? Are you on time to get back to NY tomorrow?
  2. Hi! I’ve heard the Bliss has Peloton bikes. Anyone know if any other ships have them? TIA! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I then decided to convince my husband that maybe we should try the Haven.They have a nice pool and 2 hot tubs. and a beautiful sundeck. But kids playing football in the pool is not my idea of a Haven. There should really be an adults only time during the day and evening as the OP stated. Do you mean the boys having fun on their vacation, that were told (and listened) that if an adult came into the pool they needed to stop playing and let them enjoy the pool without being splashed?
  4. Thanks so much!! I have one question off the top of my head, that I think I know the answer to, but will ask anyway for peace of mind ... my 2 sons will each be in their own room within the villa. Will my key card work in all 3 rooms within the villa? I want to be able to get into all 3 rooms with my keycard. Thank you!
  5. Hi friends! Quick question ... do you always get an email saying your bid was not accepted? Or is it basically if you don't hear you are accepted, then you just assume you didn't win? Thanks!!
  6. Thank you for this review!! We are in this room next July!!!!
  7. There are 2 hot tubs in the courtyard area - one designated for adults only. Meaning children are allowed in the other one. And one on the upper outside sundeck.
  8. I stopped reading it and will be removing myself from that forum. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Thanks for the info - if you could find out if this is for this week only, that would be appreciated.
  10. Where did you hear this? Do you think its this weeks cruise specifically and not other ones because of certain behavior this week? This is just the sundeck and not pool area?
  11. I just called concierge - they said this is not true and children are allowed in all areas of the Haven. They actually laughed when I said I had read it on a forum online! Phew!
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