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  1. Curious to know how many passengers are on the current Silver Moon sailing, I would assume that it has gradually increased from the initial 50% occupancy rate. We’re on the LIM-FLL (18 Dec), I would imagine it will be in the region of 80%-90% due to popularity of sailing over the Xmas/NY period, all adds to an even better atmosphere with a nearly full cruise!
  2. Many thanks, I’ve been arranging an independent tour to Machu Picchu this week and we are so looking forward to what would be an amazing experience-keeping everything crossed this cruise goes ahead, we appreciate that they may be forced to cancel some of the destinations en route and we completely understand the situation is out of SS control.
  3. We were originally booked on The Moon from HKG-SIN over this Xmas/NY but after the recent cancellation we switched to The Moon from LIM-FLL over the same period. I sent an email to my SS agent asking for some clarification on a couple of tours etc., as we want to schedule some flight reservations this weekend, he advised to hold off as he wasn’t 100% sure if the cruise will proceed but he’s not received any official notification! I don’t like to speculate and understand the situation is very fluid due to the countries that are potentially visited on this itinerary, but would appreciate if anyone else has any other reliable information on this cruise, we’re so looking forward to getting away so hope this is an internal misunderstanding at SS.
  4. Apologies bitob, finger trouble as I was referring to the below posted previous message; Asia is canceled, although not officially yet. The Moon is going to South America taking over the Dawn itinerary.
  5. Have you been officially informed of the above ref the Moon taking over the Dawn routes? We are looking for an alternate option now that it appears our HKG-SIN choice has been cancelled over Xmas/NY.
  6. When we sailed on the Muse we enjoyed sitting around the bar in Silver Note for post-dinner drinks and listening to the excellent duet followed by a few dances, are you allowed to sit at the bar on the current sailing? What is your feedback on the new central bar in Dolce Vita? Looking at the official photos it looks like a well needed improvement and if you are allowed to sit at the bar then a sociable option.
  7. Apologies for hijacking the post but a quick message to Wes, as I’m unable to message him privately through the forum. Hi Wes, you recently kindly responded to a legitimate question I raised ref the potential benefits of using a reputable TA for future cruises, strangely it seems to have disappeared. I appreciate your response and wanted to seek further details, but unfortunately I’m unable to send you a message directly as this is option is not available when I try to select sending you a message. Thanks, Wayne (doolz2000@yahoo.com)
  8. I would not want to be working for SS planning and logistics team, what a nightmare trying to plan routes with all the current restrictions in so many different countries. The choice of locations may be quite limited if they are not allowed to visit the various Asian countries from November 2021 to March 2022, also Australia and New Zealand are unlikely to open so maybe the Caribbean will be even busier than usual!
  9. We had a reservation from LIM to FLL over Christmas/NY on the Dawn and I got rather anxious that it would be cancelled due to the rise in COVID cases in Peru, so switched to the Moon from HKG to SIN which is now looking very doubtful due to the restrictions on incoming passengers. I’m therefore trying to second guess the alternative option that we can travel to over the same period on either the Dawn or the Moon, as we are keen to try one of the new ships after spending a couple of wonderful cruises on the Muse. I do understand that there is no definitive answer, but we are so looking forward to getting away and I know that so many of you are probably facing similar dilemmas.
  10. I noted from the earlier comments that the average number of guests on the first two cruises was close to 200, what is SS policy in regards to the maximum amount of passengers and has it gradually started to increase or is this number just based on demand?
  11. We are booked on the Moon from HKG-SIN over Xmas/NY, looking at the entry restrictions for both countries at the moment I’m assuming that particular cruise may be cancelled. If they offer an alternative route on the Moon and we proceed then will be granted the VS days for the cancelled section and the alternative route?
  12. We’ve had three cruises on Silversea (2 on the Muse and one on the Spirit), we sailed on the Viking Star in Dec 2018 and it was an absolutely stunning ship with amazing common areas, great art work and a lovely suite, our concern and why we are unlikely to cruise with them again was due to the quality of food in our opinion and the lack of formal wear evenings compared to Silversea. I do understand it depends on your personal requirements and preferences, what Viking offers along with inclusive excursions suits many and I fully understand.
  13. Very interesting to read the opinions and comparisons between Silversea and Regent, however as a someone who has only experienced SS I would like to read a comparison between SS and Seabourn, I have tried via the search function but surprisingly there are no links. Can anyone please advise, thanks in advance. We’ve booked the Silver Moon over Christmas and NY from Hong Kong to Singapore, I’m enjoying reading the feedback on the current maiden voyage and nervously wondering whether our cruise will go ahead later this year, keeping everything crossed that Hong Kong and Singapore are allowing cruise ships into their ports!
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