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  1. I've left from Bayonne 3 times on the Celebrity Summit and 2 times from NYC on the Norwegian Escape. I live in Philly, so it's a short drive to both. I've left my car at the parking garage in Bayonne with no problems. Easy in, easy out. We have only taken car services to NYC because I don't want to drive and park there. The piers at NYC are crazy busy.
  2. I was at Clearwater in June. No water shoes were needed, at least on the left side of the beach where we were. Right down the road from Clearwater is the nature preserve, and I highly recommend those beaches. They are gorgeous, and you don't need shoes there either.
  3. Yes, I've been on NCL the past 2 summers and there is a sign at all bars that says that 18 year olds can have beer/wine with written permission from their parents.
  4. I loved the pillows when I went on a Carnival cruise in 2009 so I bought 4 from the Carnival Comfort Collection. Three years ago I wanted some more and bought the same ones. Totally different quality. No where near as nice as the older ones. I wouldn't spend the money on them again. I've retired the newer ones and I keep washing the old ones to get a little more use out of them because I love them so much.
  5. Thank you for all the answers! It makes sense about how the other cruise lines process later but Carnival can't because of the drink limit. We are planning on bringing 2 bottles of wine with us for Day 1, but I was just curious.
  6. I'm just curious and I can't find the answer anywhere. You know how Carnival says it's against state law to open Cheers in NY and TX on cruising day? Why do other cruises do it then? I've left out of NYC on Norwegian the past 2 years and alcohol was still covered that first day, except we had to pay tax on the drinks. Why doesn't Carnival do that?
  7. No, it was just my mom and I. He was just another passenger, but we ended up drinking with him a few times.
  8. What is really funny about this picture is that is my mom reflected in the TV screen. I'm next to her on the one side just hanging off the screen, and the other guy was named Jay. We met him at the bar. We were right there next to each other!!!
  9. I take it home because I paid for it, and I paid a pretty price. I wasn't going to just abandon it. I was able to jam it in my luggage and the only time I had to move my luggage myself was once I got through customs and had to wheel it outside to wait for my car service. It was no big deal.
  10. Closest beach is right at the Dockyard, but it's about $5 a person. It's a man made beach next to the fort. Very rocky as you enter, but tons of fish if any of you like to snorkel.
  11. I just don't understand why the bus/taxi unions always have contract issues in the summer when there's tons of tourists. Make your deals in the winter when the cruise ships aren't there. Not only are they wasting our time, they are wasting the money that we would have spent using them.
  12. Was on the Escape last June. Loved Brat Pack and I'm bummed that it's not there next week for my upcoming cruise. My elderly mother loved After Midnight, but I did not and neither did my teenage son. I'm looking forward to Choir of Man since I didn't see that last time around.
  13. We ate at Taste and Savor a few times. We ate at the Manhattan Room once and hated it due to noise and never went back. No big wait at T and S, and if there is, there's a great bar right outside them that makes a killer Cosmopolitan.
  14. I was on the Escape last June and there were 4 of us in the cabin. I ordered the 24 pack of water thinking that since my one son only drinks water, we'd go through a lot of it. We ended up jamming half of it in our suitcases on the last night because we had so much water left. This year I ordered the 12 pack instead. I think 24 is wayyyyy toooo much water for 2 people.
  15. Last year I filled out the form for water months in advance, but called to check on it 2 weeks before the cruise. They had no record of my request and just told me to ask the cabin steward for it when I saw him. They said they don't have a lot on hand, so make sure to ask as soon as you can. I'm cruising again in 3 weeks and of course forgot to request it more than 30 days in advance, so I'm going to have to harass the cabin steward again. Definitely bring a long cord. I'm on the Escape and the outlet is on the opposite side of the room from the beds.
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