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  1. Nukesailor

    Cuba on NCL excurision "An Evening Stroll in Colonial Havana

    We did this tour in June. One of the worst tours ever. It stays in Havana Vieja; the cannon ceremony is at the fort across the harbor. There were 3 or 4 groups doing the same tour at the same time. Each group was about 40 people with one guide. Couldn't get close enough to hear anything, so I concentrated on taking photos. There were two additional stops - one for a mojito at a local bar and one at Sloppy Joe's for a "sloppy Joe" and drink. At each of these, more than one tour group showed up, causing severely crowded conditions. By the way, skip the mojitos. The water and ice in Havana are contaminated. We paid for our mojito for the next couple of days. Judging from "evidence", we weren't the only ones on the ship with this problem. Also, the "Sloppy Joe" was pitiful. Some browned meat on a bun. No flavor. On the other hand, the Art tour was fantastic. Art
  2. Hopefully future walking tours will skip Sloppy Joe's, which is state-owned. That was a waste of time. Art
  3. Nukesailor

    Bringing things to locals

    Fusterlandia is indeed interesting. Sort of like art on steroids. No the tour did not go to Callejon de Hamel. I wish! Art
  4. Nukesailor

    Bringing things to locals

    On the ship's tour The Art of Cuba, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, I bought an interesting handmade ceramic tile done by Jose Rodriguez Fuster ($30) at his home in Jaimanitas and a gorgeous print of a hummingbird ($40) directly from the artist at the art project center at Muraleando. I figured they would get the greatest benefit from the purchase. However, looking at them again, perhaps I did. Art
  5. Nukesailor

    Buying Rum & Authentic Cigars in Havana?

    That's why I bought the rum the first time returning to the ship. The second day, I had some left over Cuban CUCs... And there were these Cuba ballcaps calling my name... I waited in line about 45 minutes.:D Art
  6. Nukesailor

    Trump's changes to Cuba travel from US

    We returned last week from the 6/5 Norwegian Sky cruise to Havana. We booked a private auto tour (1955 Buick Super convertible!) for 6 hours, plus two tours booked through the cruise line - the "Evening Stroll in Havana" and "The Art of Cuba, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." First of all, the tours booked through the cruise line did basically "just pack people onto a bus..." The evening stroll consisted of about 30+ people with one tour guide. Between the pace of the tour and the number of people, interactions with Cubans was not really possible. The art tour was better, but still consisted mainly of being bused around to 3 different art locations; however, I was able to talk to the tour guide and a couple of other Cubans about their art and Cuba today. The discussion with the tour guide was actually extensive and ranged from the art to economics and politics (they are definitely NOT restricted in what they can say). Very interesting. Secondly, the OFAC affidavit we each had to complete and sign is a requirement of the U.S. government, not the cruise line. The 12 categories were determined by the U.S. State Dept. Similarly, I was required to keep a journal detailing what I did and who I spoke with (which I'm still working on - also a good remembrance of the trip). I am required to keep these two items, plus any receipts for items purchased, for 5 years. The cruise line does not keep these. If later reviewed and found that the activities were inadequate, it will be me that gets into trouble, not the cruise line. The cruise line did not "police" our activities. The same could be said for anyone flying to Cuba; the airline will not police what you do there. Realistically, I don't think the affidavits and journals will ever be reviewed. They never have in the past, and with the decreased Federal funding, they likely won't in the future since many people would have to be hired to collect, review them, and go through some arbitration process with the individuals submitting them. The current penalty, as of Feb. 10, 2017, for violation of the "International Emergency Economic Powers Act" is the greater of 2X the underlying transaction, or $289,238. Not a trivial amount. Art
  7. Nukesailor

    Buying Rum & Authentic Cigars in Havana?

    They also have Havana Club and Santiago de Cuba rum and others in the store at the cruise ship terminal. Near the money exchange. Art
  8. Nukesailor

    # of days till your next Norwegian cruise?

    85 days! Norwegian Sky to Cuba! Art
  9. Nukesailor

    Cocoa Beach where to eat dinner.

    We have a condo in that area of Cocoa Beach. Right now Thai Fuku is our favorite - weekday early bird specials $5 entree (just the entree) and $10 with sushi. We usually get one with and one without sushi and split the sushi. NY Pizza and Brano's are also good. Another seafood restaurant is Florida Seafood on 520 just at the east end of the bridge. You can walk to it from the Comfort Inn. We avoid the Epic Burrito Co. and Longdoggers - tried 'em, didn't care for them.
  10. Nukesailor

    10 day Panama Canal cruise onboard the Coral question

    Either would be appropriate. I've done it both ways (not on the same cruise). However, I find that the suit is easier and quicker. Fewer men are wearing tuxes now. Art
  11. Nukesailor

    Which Pier Will Royal Princess Use?

    We were on the Royal Princess last month. They used the cargo port, Woodbridge Bay. Not entirely sure why, as the Royal was the only cruise ship at Dominica that day. Art
  12. Nukesailor

    Three Denali Options

    Another option for sandwiches is the Subway across the highway from the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. It's open 24 hours. As I remember, when we did the Wilderness Tour, they picked us up at 5:30AM at the lodge. Take some time to check out the Denali Visitor's Center. It's pretty good. Art
  13. Nukesailor

    FLL North Port parking questions

    I was just there for the Fort Lauderdale boat show. From I95, take Davie Blvd east to Rt. 1. Turn south (right), go a few blocks and turn east (left) on SE 17th St (after McDonalds). Go to traffic lights at Eisenhower Blvd just before the bridge and turn south (right) - there's a Walgreens there. You'll go a short distance to the port security checkpoint. Once through there, turn left at the next lights to enter the garage. I'm not sure how to get to luggage dropoff at the terminal, but it appears on the map that there's another road just beyond Eisenhower off SE 17th St. The security people at the checkpoint should be able to help. There's a map and other info on http://www.porteverglades.net. art
  14. Nukesailor

    Tip about Bar Harbor

    Second on the West Street Cafe. Look for the blue and white awning. Don't forget the blueberry pie!! Earlybird specials 11AM - 6PM. Art
  15. Nukesailor

    Bug Spray

    Just a warning - DEET melts some plastics such as watch crystals, plastic camera bodies and breathable waterproof fabrics (Gore-Tex), among others. The higher the concentration, the greater the damage. Be careful applying it. We've been throughout the Caribbean and several places in Central America; we bring the bug spray but haven't needed it. Art