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  1. Just discovered that my aunt will be on this sailing. Maybe I'll see her on the webcam 🙂
  2. Well we booked for our April cruise. Hope it's great! 🙂
  3. So if they don't have a setup for cards, do they take cash or are the waters free?
  4. Bringing bottles of water off the ship into ports... do they have stations with waters ready to grab or do we need to pay a visit to one of the bars? We will have a beverage package.
  5. Thanks, I guess it's not exactly "hidden" then, but even knowing that this pamphlet exists, I can't find it anywhere other than the site you've posted from. It would be nice if one could download from HAL where you can prebook the packages.
  6. Are there any lesser-talked-about items you can get with the EBP that you can't get with the SBP? For instance, I read in another thread that someone attended the mixology class for free by having the EBP (it counted as a single drink since it was $15/pp). Are there other more "hidden" things like that that would make the EBP more appealing if one isn't too picky on alcohol or wines?
  7. Stayed on, saw Carnival Triumph make it's final stop before heading to Spain for drydock. 🙂
  8. I did a little more research and found it mentioned that it is a la carte. It's just odd because if you want to book the sushi restaurant it clearly says "a la carte" and for Sel de Mer it says "$0.00". Guess it's just a little oddness of their awesome website.
  9. Did my check-in for our April cruise tonight on NS, was looking through all the back-end options like excursions and food reservations. When I clicked on Sel de Mer, it's showing $0.00 to reserve instead of an amount like $15 for Canolettos.... For the more experienced cruisers, does this seem like a glitch, normal, or did I somehow end up with a free dinner I was unaware of? Or do they charge a la carte like the sushi restaurant? This is my first HAL cruise, so I'm not fully sure how the specialty dining is paid for. I'd love to eat there, but we're also Dutch and don't like to pay for too many extras, lol. I just don't want to reserve and then find out it was actually $50pp or something.
  10. Glad to hear that people are liking it. bbw187, how long was the drive to get to where the boat leaves from?
  11. For As You Wish in the MDR, can you reserve a specific time earlier in the day or do you just show up and get seated on a first-come-first-served basis?
  12. Has anyone done this excursion recently? I found some reviews from 2009, but nothing newer. Mostly wondering how much time is actually spent on the boat, since it sounds like it's a bit of a drive to the marina it leaves from. Do they overload the capacity of people?
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