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  1. I am pretty new to cruising, hubby and I have gone 3 times now, twice with HAL. Each time we have booked within the last 90 days before sailing and weren't worried about plans changing at the time. We are currently looking at a trans-atlantic for next April, and with the deal right now it seems like a good time to book. If we chose the refundable deposit option and had something come up before January when final payment would be due, would we be able to cancel completely and not be out anything? That is how people seem to talk but I wanted to be sure. HAL's site implies that you only lose out if you book something non-refundable or try to cancel once within the 90 days pre-sailing. Can people with experience confirm for me?
  2. I'm looking at a trans-atlantic for next April with this deal... what I want to know is how does the refundable deposit work? We've only ever booked within the last 90 days before and knew nothing would halt our cruises at those times. So I am not fully sure how the process works when you are a year out. Is it fully refundable until the final payment is due (dummy booking showed that to be Jan 2021) and if so, are there restrictions as to why one might be allowed to cancel? Very much hoping HAL pulls through this craziness, I love cruising!
  3. Yes, those are definitely available... though idk if that was a menu item ever?
  4. Just got off Zuiderdam and wondering if their drink menus are different or the same to the rest of the fleet... there was only a single page with cocktails, plus a "Drink of the day" in all the menus I found throughout the ship- still listed all beers, liquors, wines, sodas, etc. There was a separate list in addition in the Billboard Onboard and BB King bar areas, but between those it was still lacking from when I cruised on NS back in April where there had to be at least 5 pages of just cocktails. Did they pare down the menu dramatically fleet-wide? Seemed odd to no longer see the suncicle (one bartender made it for me, but he had to do it from memory, and it wasn't in the computer) and many others from that previous trip. I also really wanted this frozen chocolate mint concoction (can't remember the name anymore), but was told the closest they could do was a mudslide- good, but not the same. Anyone else have a similar experience? Or was it just this ship?
  5. Paper (mostly on request, though my pina coladas always came standard with one) on Zuiderdam... they also have "bulk" sugar things on the table instead of packets now, and my sister's olive garnish for her martini had a piece of uncooked spaghetti instead of a plastic toothpick. I actually like the changes. The paper straws are better quality than others I have used too- didn't go limp immediately.
  6. Just got back from sailing on the Zuiderdam. My sisters and I ended up hanging out with some of the engineers on that ship, and I brought up the azipod on NA. He said it was likely a seal failed before the last abandoned cruise and was re-sealed in the Bahamas temporarily. A whole new unit is on order from Italy, to be installed in the next couple months. As he is not on that ship itself, couldn't give more details, but it seems like it's at least somewhat functional, though maybe they are babying it for the time being?
  7. Got on board a bit after noon, had some lunch in Lido. Looks like 5 other ships heading out today also. It's VERY windy, almost lost my drink in the seaview pool area! Can't wait to head out at 5 :)
  8. Anyone know, do the hospitality crew get a few days vacation on board? Do they disembark until the next sailing? Other?
  9. There she goes! We'll be on the voyage following this one 😄
  10. Thank you, I will contact them.
  11. Looking to book a HAL Catamaran Snorkel excursion (or potentially another snorkel trip) with my sisters and parents, on a past trip my dad was offered a pool noodle to help him stay comfortable in the water. Any idea if these operators might offer similar? I feel like this would be in addition to the life vests they typically give out.
  12. We did go on this last April. It was great! I would love to do it again. The crew was awesome, the drinks were good and the day was perfect. I feel like I could have gone longer in the water, but it's hard to gauge time when you're not near a clock. There were a decent amount of passengers, but it didn't feel crowded.
  13. We will be another party of 6. So is there another taxi stand by Maho beach where you are directed to your return taxi? If I wanted to stop off somewhere on the way to Maho (Specifically looking at La Sucriere near Simpson Bay), would that be possible if there are extra people put in the taxi apart from our group? I would want to stop quick to get a few pastries to bring to the beach with us.
  14. Zuiderdam- 20-Dec 2019 7 day Eastern Caribbean Christmas cruise Going with my husband, parents and sisters 🙂 Our 2nd HAL, their first.
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