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  1. Thanks, I'm down in Margaret River watching the wild surf and listening to this on my car speakers. I would often take a short video clip and send it to my daughter. The song makes me happy. Always has. Esp the part about telling people "in courteous terms". There could be a lot more of that nowadays.
  2. Lol. No the dream was that bookings were open. The speculation is from someone who maps all this stuff out. (apparently while awake). I don't know about the original target but 2 months delay seems too optimistic.
  3. Not that I've heard. But last night I had such a vivid dream that I immediately grabbed my ipad and looked it up. The completely unsubstantiated speculation that I have heard is that it will go on sale in Nov / Dec of this year with an inaugural sailing in late November early December next year, with the ship still heading immediately to the southern hemisphere.
  4. A lot of Americans come to Australia and spend their tourism dollars on land as well as at sea. Quite possibly the cruise is one part of their longer holiday. but yeah, brisbane is a hole. When I cruise into that port, I treat it like a sea day. Last time I took their shuttle down to the GC but that was just to catch up with someone.
  5. They should have replaced radiance with serenade. It’s beyond a joke.
  6. I had my quantum April 2022 cancelled. This is due to them moving quantum from Sydney to Brisbane. It’s outrageous they won’t let us take the Brisbane to Honolulu cruise at the same price as we booked the Sydney to Honolulu cruise. It’s the same month. Same time of year. And it’s their doing. I sent Michael Bayley a message via messenger. I don’t expect any satisfaction.
  7. There's no way I'm going to let them keep my money if they don't price protect me. $50 or $100 obc for rebooking is an outrageously pathetic offer. Its unfair they aren't giving us the option of sailing on her for the same price as we agreed on. It is just a change of departure port and its a year and a half off.
  8. I must be missing something. I've justvreveived the following email telling me that the quantum April 2022 TP has been cancelled. Isn't that the ship that the radiance bookings are being shifted to? Dear Guest, We hope this email finds you and your family healthy and well. Over the next few weeks, we will be making schedule and itinerary adjustments to some of our late 2021 and early 2022 sailings for six of our ships. These changes are being made after tapping into market research and listening to feedback and input from guests and trade partners on opportunitie
  9. I still don’t understand. Wouldn’t 6000 be sufficient for an oasis class ship? some people don’t like Freo terminal. I think it’s perfect. I’ve seen 3 large ships pulled alongside at once. Passengers can walk to Freo or the Freo train station with a short trip into Perth. Soon Perth airport will have a regular train station. I believe it will be just normal price, unlike Sydney. Plane arrivals can take the train to Freo, with a maximum of one train change. the terminal is not fancy but it’s flexible and has a fabulous location which can be accessed quickly and inexpens
  10. How does Perth fall short in being able to visit and do embarkation ?
  11. Fremantle . Possibly Darwin. Probably Sydney. Brisbane in the future. Melbourne never.
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