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  1. Thanks for such an awesome review. I really appreciate the fact that you are so respectful of people's privacy. It's gotten to the point now where I won't allow my photo to be taken because its been published without my permission. Somehow everyone seems to think nowdays that they have a right to your image and information and if you protest you are somehow the baddie. I absolutely love your photographs and your quirky commentary and observations.
  2. Not to split hairs, but I never assume larger revenues mean more profits. I would think they'd burn more fuel due to longer runs and although they undoubtedly sell more grog in oz, the beverage packages are similar pricing. They probably make less profit margin on aussies on beverage packsges. But particularly the fuel consumption makes me speculate that higher revenue may not necessarily translate into higher profits.
  3. I'm happy to be completing my circumnavigation on radiance by doing the bottom half next month. I would be thrilled to have more Australian port visits, specially regional ones. I can't be alone in that thought process. Apparently Broome is one of the most wanted ports on the world, both by domestic and international passengers. They've apparently fixed the problem that caused most cruise visits to be cancelled. Adding that port and maybe another Indonesian port would really entice bookings, at least on the top half.
  4. They could easily sell out 3 or 4 Australian circumnavigations per year at high rates.
  5. Thanks for the update. I don't see any jewel cruises listed for March and April 2021 in my Australian Royal Caribbean booking site.
  6. If things get bad in the middle East, they could always just send jewel South. I hope not as I have a couple of cruises on her in the northern spring.
  7. Lol. That hamburger place. I forget the name, I’ve been there once. I get that about loyalty schemes, but think aussies should get the same access to crown and anchor and commensurate benefits from club Royale.
  8. I can understand that, but we had a net loss of one restaurant. No new restaurants. Nothing was done to existing staterooms. I was on voyager pre amplification in August and then again in December. In August the ship was trashed. Many lifts were out of order. The marble skirting boards were filthy and detached from the walls. The first thing I noticed when I boarded voyager was the skirting was still stained and damaged. The carpet didn’t look new. Then there was the scandal with the new junior suites which were actually normal balconies being sold as suites. I didn’t notice all of this when discussions were had of the other voyager class ships amplifications. Sorry, I am a bit salty about the lack of respect aussies are given by Royal in regards to crown and anchor and club Royale. To now hear that we are a bit of a cash cow but still such little regard makes me cross. It’s not personal, I’m just tired of aussies getting the short end of the stick. I’m afraid I’m going to see everything through that lens.
  9. In regards to Alaska, taking out port charges, the fares don't seem very high. Is the real money spinner there the shore excursions?
  10. You wouldn't know that they have any regard for oz, based on the way they treat aussies. We don't get the over and above offers from club royale and they upped the points required for free cruises, they don't provide any special contacts at crown and anchor for D+ and pinnacles, they do one circumnavigation yearly at best despite it being one of the guaranteed sellouts. They send the second tier ships. They couldn't even be bothered to do anything truly special fir the voyager amplification, instead saving the full amp for when she leaves. You would think they'd treat oz better. Anyway, I thought asia was the big money spinner.
  11. I like your thought process. Can you tell us why you think quantum could not do this? Is it due to these being tender ports? I just got off spectrum and we tendered at a new port in the Philippines. It seemed to work out OK.
  12. You've put lots of thought into it. Hopefully they will send quantum to oz and run at least one ship year round from brisbane to that private island. We might even get more celebrity and azamara.
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