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  1. you can check https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-58.5/centery:11.9/zoom:7 Quite a few of Royal ships are anchored off Barbados.
  2. We always pre-pay our gratuities. After that additional cash tipping is based on service that we think deserves such. Never been on a cruise where we have not tipped additional cash to at least two people. We will continue with this method when we resume cruising.
  3. Definitely not. Our plan will be to watch how things unfold for a few months after ships start back sailing. If no major issues with infections we will then book.
  4. All our Travel vacations weather cruises or land vacations are cancelled for 2020. WE feel its better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. If things improve drastically towards the end of the year our plans can change. Nothing is written in stone at the moment. Keep safe everyone.
  5. No I do not know about the OB. Check tripadvisor for reviews. I usually stay at the JW Marriott as I am a Marriott member. It can be pricey at times but I usually combine with points. A lot of cruisers stay and recommend Hampton Inn and Suites Miami Brickell Downtown. Great Location and great reviews.
  6. I have a cruise out of Miami booked for next month (April 2020) and there a many rooms available in all categories.
  7. Navigator only operates 3 & 4 night cruises out of Miami. No second formal night. As a matter of fact they have no formal night just dress to impress on the second night.
  8. Its a little south of the hot spots on brikell like the city center mall and mary village. Not a walk I would like to be doing at night but thats just me. Plenty other options in the heart of the action.
  9. You are right to be concerned. I too have a cruise booked in April and so far will go. Wish I did not have one booked at this time of uncertainty. I certainly would not be booking another cruise until this has passed. Our Newspapers are reporting today that there is a case in st Barts and French St Marteen. Health Ministers of Several Caribbean islands met in Barbados yesterday to discuss measures for the COVID 19. One Head line today states. "Emergency talks as COVID 19 Hits region". Nothing shocking as it was expected to. Hopefully all the islands have the resources to handle it effectively.
  10. Seeing you are getting in so late it does not leave you much time to do anything. Basically you are looking for a comfortable bed for the night. I would stay at the Miami Airport Hotel located in the airport. (No waiting on shuttle required). I would then leave next morning for the port at FLL around 10:00 am. Many choices of transportation. Booked Limos, Taxis at the airport, Uber etc.
  11. Missed it in August while on 4 day Navigator. Got 25% of value of your cruise cost off towards next cruise.
  12. Its a complete different scene to Caribbean cruises. Yes the solarium pool is covered but there are no pool activities like mens sexy leg completions and biggest belly flop etc. Its more about the scenery. When we stopped at hubbard Glacier the crew launched their little power boat and went to collect some ice that broke off. They then brought it aboard and made cocktails with the ice saying the ice in your drink is hundreds of years old and the the drink will keep you young . LOL. It was a nice touch. I guide from one of the small towns also came aboard and talked about their life and history of their village.
  13. This is our choice also. Usually some relaxing soft music being played throughout Central Park in the evening.
  14. Personally I would call in advance and Mention it at check in just in case the message did not get down to the correct people. I would also contact the insurance company ASAP.
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