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  1. My daughter and her boyfriend were due to leave early this morning from Scotland to catch a flight to Miami. Overnight the airline of the first flight collapsed and they were leaving the house at 3.30am this morning. Flights and cruise were booked directly with RCCL. 4am call to RCCL and they organised a new flight from Scotland to Miami which actually gets them in 30 mins before the original. Excellent service!!
  2. Have decided to purchase surf and stream now as the price online works out to $22 for two devices.
  3. Can anyone tell me the current price of the Internet Package on Symphony. If you are Diamond is it better waiting till you are onboard? If you purchase the package for two devices does it have to be for the same person or can one be for your partner?
  4. Check your account online to make sure there is no additional amount you need to pay. We had booked direct with Princess and added the package today. Nothing was said about additional payment today but on checking online there was £73 which had to be paid today or the booking would be cancelled. They obviously calculate deposit as % of total cruise.
  5. I didn't read it as cruises that have already been booked. I thought it was for new bookings. It would be great if it was for already booked.
  6. Thank you for all that info. Makes a lot of sense what you are saying. Guess it will just be a case of booking when I feel it is a price I am willing to pay to guarantee the Cruisetour I want. Thank you.
  7. Thank you very much for the info. We are intending to do a Cruise Tour (we are from Scotland so need to make it worthwhile). Do you know if the same happens with these prices?
  8. I know that Princess have not released details of Alaska 2021 but is it better to purchase straight away or do they reduce prices after the initial launch? We are in the UK so don't get price drops once booked.
  9. Sorry to be stupid! What is complimentary brewed coffee. If it's complimentary why do they mention sharing?
  10. I have just booked a cruise on Enchanted Princess for next September. It is a number of years since we cruised with Princess and wondered if you purchase a drink package online and it becomes cheaper can you cancel and re-purchase at the cheaper price? RCCL allow you to do this.
  11. Just wondered what the view from the window is (and yes I've warned her about closing curtains😂) thanks.
  12. How do you like the Central Park Interior View? My daughter is booked in 9601 in March....do you know if its location is OK?
  13. We are only Diamond and were invited to a lunch while on Splendour in 2015. Two officers were at each table and it was very interesting conversation with them.
  14. She won't be allowed in but her best bet to meet other teens is on the 1st night go up to the Teen Area and hang around outside. Most of the teens don't stay in the club all night they come and go as they choose so hopefully she can join them as they move around the ship.
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