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  1. We are only Diamond and were invited to a lunch while on Splendour in 2015. Two officers were at each table and it was very interesting conversation with them.
  2. She won't be allowed in but her best bet to meet other teens is on the 1st night go up to the Teen Area and hang around outside. Most of the teens don't stay in the club all night they come and go as they choose so hopefully she can join them as they move around the ship.
  3. Check your sailing as some have been moved to Tarragona instead of Barcelona.
  4. It's the cable car down from Fira that has the large line and it doesn't matter if you have tickets or the Key you take your turn.
  5. We would like to do an Alaska Cruisetour but can't find anywhere on the RCCL site that gives details of the Land Tour then Cruise. Can someone point me to where I can find full details please.
  6. My daughter who is now 22 is Diamond in her own right and received this email from RCCL on querying Crystal Block points. Children will be taken out of a relationship with a parent or guardian upon their 18th birthday date. If it is found that a dependent or child is not immediately removed from a relationship upon their 18th birthday and accumulates a higher tier status outside of this time period, the dependents record will be adjusted back to the appropriate tier status and/or individual cruise points. Turns out she actually has more points than me as when she was 15 she cruised with family friends so she get the crystal block šŸ˜‚
  7. Back in 2010 during the Icelandic Ash Cloud we were on a Princess Cruise in the Caribbean. We had booked the entire package through Princess Flights/Cruise. (Princess actually chartered the flight). We were due to disembark in Barbados but there were no flights. Those who had the complete package stayed on board and sailed around the Caribbean for another five days. Those who had flown out independently were disembarked in Barbados and became the responsibility of the airline they had flown with. The rules are different in UK when a package is booked.
  8. If you purchase a drink card what price of drink can you order? Is it the same limit as the drinks package?
  9. To be honest even if they still have advanced skater sessions it is not worth bringing your own skates. Very little ice time and limited to what you can do and you still have to wear a helmet no matter your ability. My daughter never bothers with it now.
  10. We did the RCCL excursion in Santorini and it worked great. We were first off on a special tender which took us down the coast to where a bus was waiting to take us up to Oia. We were probably one of the first groups there so we got lots of good photos before the crowds arrived. The first time we tendered at Kotor was a bit of a disaster. It was a lovely day but there was a swell which meant they had to stop tendering at times and wait till it improved. It took us a few hours to get off.
  11. Thanks for the info. Maybe if they forget to give me one I might just wait until I'm home and get them to ship it to me.
  12. How much do the crystal blocks weigh? The reason I ask is that we are due to get our first on Independence in a few weeks but we fly down to Southampton so are restricted on weight.
  13. Thanks for the info. I found out on another site that a lady who was using a walking stick took her large suitcase down the escalator and fell, taking out others on the way down! Large suitcases on escalators .... not a good combination.
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