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  1. According to CruiseRadio.net launch date is May 2021 but not sure I can trust Crystal anymore. I'm booked on her Northeast Passage August-September 2021.
  2. Benita, again off topic (not Crystal) but thank you for posting this. I did go ahead and make the final payment to Viking for a May 2021 cruise (CC) as I've read via the Viking forums that they do pay fairly quickly. I'm glad you reconfirmed that.
  3. Concerning their Facebook page Crystal Society, I had my comments (3) deleted when I dared to criticize their handling of our refunds (or lack thereof) so they are covering up any critical comments of Crystal in my experience.
  4. I'm just hoping it sails in 2021 as scheduled but at same time with their awful refund timeline, not sure of anything with Crystal now.
  5. No word from my TA so appreciate this update. Thanks.
  6. That is an excellent suggestion and I shall do the same but my final is due in April, 2021. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone have an update on the Endeavor? I'm booked on that Northeast Arctic trip next August also. I am so hesitant to make the final payment due towards end of year after already putting a 20k deposit down Feb 2019. My TA did tell me back then that the voyage was sold out right away.
  8. I'm booked on Endeavor's Northeast Passage August 2021.Very concerned if the ship will be finished and if it will sail (Covid). Deposit made via CC Feb.2019. Feeling very uncertain about this and a $20K loss in deposit since its nearly 2 years old and will not be honored by Chase because its "too old" like another deposit I have. Are any others booked on this cruise concerned about it sailing??
  9. Crystal cancelled cruise May2020 and I requested deposit refund June2020.
  10. Could you post when you receive your deposit back from Chase. I am also waiting for refund of deposit made August 2018 where Chase would not dispute it as too old.
  11. Asking for a refund via CC is not always viable as has been pointed out. Chase BA will not file a dispute with Crystal on my behalf because the charge for the deposit is 2 years old. So suggesting that we go through our CC is not always possible. Who knows this when getting a credit card that a travel charge that has not been used will not be refunded/disputed through the CC and that you are at the mercy of, in this case, Crystal to refund without the benefit of a dispute.
  12. I called Chase to dispute a deposit charge dating back to August 2018 on a Chase BA card.. They have said twice the charge is 'too old' to dispute even though the final payment (October2019) for same cruise was for now credited back to my CSR card. I requested a 'second look' on deposit and it was reiterated that the charge was too old and Crystal would have to initiate any chargeback. Has anyone received a refund via a Chase credit card for a charge dating to 2018? I feel I am at the mercy of Crystal to refund the deposit of 2 years ago.
  13. Raptordash, Yes, that is correct. On Chase Sapphire Reserve card I did get a final payment refund this July for a October 2019 charge. Not sure why you did not get refund for October 2019 payment. I had all the documentation for both Crystal cancelled the cruise email and my payment on Chase statement..
  14. Psoque is so correct on NOT making a deposit too early. I'm in same boat, deposit made 8/2018 and even though the final payment made 10/2019 was reimbursed by Chase disputes the early deposit was not. I will never again make a deposit on a cruise more than a year out. Crystal told me it would be reimbursed but on their timeline of course.
  15. I am curious to know if anyone has received a CC refund on a deposit made back in (August) 2018. Chase at first determined the charge was 'valid' but upon not seeing a credit on CC I called Chase and now they are denying this charge as 'too old'. However, the final payment for this cruise made October 2019 was credited back to my card.
  16. I requested 2 refunds through Chase; one for the deposit going back to August 2018 and then the final payment last year for a cancelled cruise. Cruise was to depart July 25, Crystal cancelled May. I have received the 2018 deposit back even though Crystal tried to deny it according to Chase. So charges back that far are being honored by Chase as it was a purchase that was never used and merchant cancelled. I had all the documentation to prove it and I feel that really helped. Bravo to Chase; not so much Crystal.
  17. I've decided to put in a dispute with CC company. Travel Agent furloughed, no contact. Cannot get through to Crystal. It has not been 90 days or more but hopefully will rattle their cage as over 20K+ for July Symphony cruise. British Air has a much larger operation but received my $ plus the mileage I used to get to this cruise within a month. What is Crystal's reason? I've been bad mouthing the wrong company; it's Crystal that is dogging these refunds whereas I thought BA would take much longer and figure out a way not to refund. Surprise, surprise.
  18. Grand Journey: Northern European Grandeur Crystal Symphony July 25-August 19, 2020 London to Amsterdam Crystal notification of trip cancellation May 19, 2020 Requested refund via crystalcruises.com/requestrefund as noted on cancellation email May 19, 2020 Now 30 days with 60 more to go (hopefully)
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