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  1. I think that you've done an amazing job with your trip report. Your pictures & posts have been a great virtual vacation for me! And with your mom's illness on your mind; you would never know. It's great your mom is recovering well.
  2. So was the Korean fried chicken as good as the Atlanta Korean fried chicken?
  3. Night, Sid. Thanks for taking us along with you!
  4. Excellent pics already! Thanks for taking us along with you!
  5. Safe travels and looking forward to Miami eats & libations!
  6. I really enjoyed your review. You & your husband are a cute couple. My husband and I married in our thirties too, even though we've known each other since we were kids! We love the Dream & have been on her 4 times, but when she was in New Orleans.
  7. Your meal looked fantastic! I'd eat everything except the Brussels sprouts and the cheesecake. I'm enjoying your review!
  8. What a great way to escape the crazy times we're having! Love it!
  9. I love your attitude and your great review! I hope you keep writing!
  10. Sorry to hear about your mom. My DH is on dialysis too. It's hard at any age. Looking forward to your review!
  11. Thanks for your excellent review as always! I look forward to reading your Oasis review. I hope you continue to heal & recover.
  12. Hi, Crystal! Glad I found your review! Looking forward to following along.
  13. Are you in a food coma, Sid? Or just enjoying yourself at the bar?
  14. I'm here & ready for some more great food & drink pics!
  15. I'm really late but another tribe member along for the ride!
  16. Congratulations on the beginning of your life together as husband & wife! You both looked great!💐❤
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