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  1. Good to hear from you and good to be back. It's hard for me to spend as much time here as I used to. Too many memories and they still hurt. Best to G&G when you see them. Thanks everyone POA1 did a great post and I have added my clock.
  2. Thank you so much POA1. It worked and you explained it so well even this old woman could figure it out.
  3. With this new ( and difficult to negotiate ) web site I can't find the place to change, or add countdown clocks to ones signature. Does anyone know if they have done away with this?
  4. My late husband and I had to make use of this insurance 3 times. Each time was easy and relatively painless. We provided copies of medical charges and shortly thereafter received a check from them.
  5. Hi Jacqui. Could you please add me to the Eurodam 11-29 cruise. I am going with Lazey1. Thanks so much.
  6. My favorite PG dinner: Lobster bisque Caesar Salad Lamb chops sides of mushrooms and whipped potatoes Chocolate volcano cake or Chocolate soufflé I can't remember all the wonderful things I had at the Tamarind. Their drink Chocolate Pearl was amazing. Everything I ate there was tasty and I was so proud that for the first time I used chopsticks the entire meal and didn't drop anything! :D
  7. Please add me to the Westerdam 2-19 Circle Hawaii. I got lucky again! Thanks my friend.
  8. I have sailed on Easter Sunday many times with HAL. Usually there are decorations and such. There have always been services offered also. I don't recall any special dinner but then sometimes the cruises do tend to blend into one another a bit. :D I will be on this cruise with you. I don't recall seeing you on the roll call. Our meet and greet is on the port side of the Crows Nest on 4-11 at 10:30am please feel free to join us.
  9. Virgil and I were fortunate to have sailed with Jim and Ruth many times. I sure hope they are all up there in heavens version of the Crows Nest raising a glass to those of us who will miss them. Wearing silly slippers. I still have the pairs they gave us over the years. I believe I still have yellow duckies and penguins. Rest in peace Jim. Condolences to those who will love and miss him.
  10. It won't be good without a view It isn't nice for me or you I want my books And a quiet drink I don't like this new place I think.
  11. I just found this thread for the first time. Thanks Jane for starting it and thanks to all the wonderful people who have posted. My first solo cruise was actually pretty nice. I had so many friends from previous cruises that I rarely felt alone. I was fortunate that I knew several of the entertainers and we had more than one party in my cabin late at night.;) My second cruise since Virgil died was with Jane. We shared a cabin to Alaska and had a wonderful time together and I would do it again in a heartbeat. :* My third cruise is coming up. I am sharing the cabin with another friend who also recently lost their spouse. <|3 I tried most of the people meeting suggestions above with the exception of the singles get together and lunches. I have trouble thinking of myself as single. :o. I will try to go to some of them on this next cruise.
  12. Bon Voyage Jacqui. Fair winds and following seas be with you on your journey.
  13. Welcome to the amazing world of ocean travel. You have picked a terrific cruise line, a wonderful first ship and you have found us here at Cruise Critic. Our favorite thing is encouraging people to love cruising and to do it often and well. LOL This is the place for questions and conversation about all aspects of cruising. Please come back and tell us how your cruise went.
  14. While y'all are freezing your nunnies off, we are experiencing record highs in Arizona. :cool: We will hit 95 today, I need to cruise somewhere cool. :')
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