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  1. Good to hear from you and good to be back. It's hard for me to spend as much time here as I used to. Too many memories and they still hurt. Best to G&G when you see them. Thanks everyone POA1 did a great post and I have added my clock.
  2. Thank you so much POA1. It worked and you explained it so well even this old woman could figure it out.
  3. With this new ( and difficult to negotiate ) web site I can't find the place to change, or add countdown clocks to ones signature. Does anyone know if they have done away with this?
  4. My late husband and I had to make use of this insurance 3 times. Each time was easy and relatively painless. We provided copies of medical charges and shortly thereafter received a check from them.
  5. Hi Jacqui. Could you please add me to the Eurodam 11-29 cruise. I am going with Lazey1. Thanks so much.
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