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  1. ok. thanks crewsweeper. I checked on the car rental place you suggested, Grace car rentals I think, but they said they no longer have a office at the cruise port. only their main office and they don't do pick up.
  2. I am looking for a email for Omar? I tried the morrisomar@gmail.com on Friday and he has not replied back. Or if you know any other golf cart rentals? thanks!
  3. Yes these girls are in tune to traditions and such, even the 5 year old whether you believe it or not. Sorry you have such a hard time believing what someone says about their granddaughters and telling what they said. Was just stating my girls' thoughts when they first seen it and how disappointed they were. The dining experience is fun for them and sort of magical to little girls to get all dressed up and such. Too bad you have a hard time swallowing that pill and you don't have to be a jerk about it.
  4. I remember the first cruise my granddaughters (ages 5 and 7, at the time) went on after the tablecloths went away, and I can tell you the the first question out of their mouths when we walked into the dining room that 1st night. Meme, where are the tablecloths? They were pretty disappointed. They thought it was special with all the silverware, glasses and nice stuff. They insisted on wearing dresses to dinner every night of the cruise, and really sparkled it up on "fancy night".
  5. Thank you for this post! VERY helpful and encouraging!
  6. I was looking on their website, do you have to go to their place of business to pick up the car or do they bring it to you at the cruise port?
  7. Thank you so much!
  8. cruisinmems


    Hey All! Is it better to rent a car or golf cart in GT? Does anyone have recommendations and prices? thanks!
  9. I wish they would come up with a package for non-alcoholic drinks, specialty coffee, shakes, juice, etc.
  10. thank you, just need to know what to pack.
  11. Not trying to start a debate or argument, just need info. For those that "gussy up" on elegant night, on a 7 night cruise is the first elegant night more so than the second or are they equal? thanks!
  12. Our family has worn the t-shirts before, but only on boarding day. LOL
  13. if you have FTTF you can arrive any time. Never seen anything like cupcake decorating onboard unless they offer something like that in Camp Ocean.
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