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  1. You can get the funnel gummies in Cherry on Top candy store along with a lot more good stuff your daughter would like picking out. One of my granddaughters' favorite ship store.
  2. I would think that all the people who say they do not like cruising with kids and have asked for adult only sailings would be all over this! LOL
  3. Yep, cruising from Charleston too. They even took our Key West away. Now we have Nassau and Princess Cays.
  4. Do they enforce check-in times and do they have priority boarding? TIA!
  5. Ok, I have to ask this because I have read many threads trying to go both ways. LOL So is it better to be one of the first on the ship or one of the last off? Maybe this needs to be a brand new thread: Early on or late off.
  6. thanks spacecowboy9 for the review. Enjoyed it.
  7. Where is she? She was always so helpful with questions and always had the answer. I haven't seen her on here in a long time.
  8. Thanks everyone! Park and cruise seems like easiest solution. Guess I need to start looking at hotels. Any suggestions? thanks Host Carolyn for letting me past on this one.
  9. My grandchildren only use bc, no id.
  10. I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this here, but I tried the East Coast Departures board and no one is answering my questions. If not allowed, I apologize and please delete. Questions for anyone with answers: What time do they allow parking to start and enter the terminal? Are they strict with check-in times? I heard that it doesn't matter if you are D, P, Suite or FTTF their is no priority boarding. I have never seen this at any other port, so I didn't know if it was true or not as I have never sailed from Charleston before. Thank you in advance for your answers and any other information you may be able to provide.
  11. A few questions, if I may, for anyone who may have answers. :) What time do they allow you to start parking and enter the terminal? Are they strict with check-in times? I heard they do not allow D's, P's, Suites, FTTF to board any faster than anyone else. In other words no priority boarding, is this true? thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
  12. yummmm..I love them!
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