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  1. Not "car service" but made reservations with Prime time, there were 6 of us, got picked up outside of baggage area, $16.00 pp,to San Pedro Doubletree. they have personal sedan service also, check their website
  2. Depends on what type of accommodations you have, our experience has been shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, but never toothpaste.. and soap, we always bring our own bar of soap from home.,
  3. have not called yet, closed , I am from Oregon. Will try calling in next couple days, our cruise is not until September 2020, but thought I would try sooner than later. Will reply back if I can find this post by then
  4. I will try the number listed, and go from there!! Wish me luck
  5. Does anyone know if there is an alternate phone number for non Premium Air, I am talking about air that is included with some cruises , says "free" some flights actually are some have an additional (small) price added to your cruise total. I want to call in advance of ticketing to request a one day deviation outbound and a mid morning flight, not the crack of dawn, since we will have a day before Cruise. Someone posted part of the number 866-625-11, then purposely left blank. Our January Cruise booked last April we had one day deviation, and it was $25.00pp. flights were :"included in cruise price". Have lost that phone number. Know I could try the NCL phone tree, but hoping to get a direct number.
  6. Sounds like the chaotic disembarking in New Orleans has gotten better. We got off the Getaway, Nov 8, 2019, we were in the taxi line for 2 hours, it was a mess with 3800 or so passengers getting off and another 3800 trying to get on. It was the Getaways arrival for the season in NOLA. Am sure after that fiasco, they have worked on the congestion problem. If all goes as it should, might be cutting it close, but earliest off, should hopefully workout.
  7. I would strongly suggest to carry on the Ship all your wedding finery, FYI have been on several sailings where they send out notices to everyone looking for lost luggage that did not get delivered to the passengers cabin. Any luggage that can go through airport security will go through Ships scanning before boarding.
  8. Yes price increase from last night for the sailing I was looking at, what a bummer, need to check daily as the prices fluctuate almost daily,
  9. I frequented the Observation Lounge Deck 15 on the Joy in January for coffee to go. did bring my own "paper cups" that I saved from coffee shops In town, 8oz, worked for me to walk about with instead of the coffee mugs that were in the Lounge.
  10. Do Joy Haven Suites still have this amenity? When looking to book, and drill down on what is included in cabin it does not show up. On other Ships in Suites it lists coffee/tea maker? On the Joy in January, mini suite, did have like a Mr Coffee Maker. Wondering if they are still included in Suites. I am talking abut the "big boy" machines that you get a selection of coffee pods for, can turn it to make espresso, or regular pretty strong coffee.
  11. Have my doubts if the Butler will enter your room unannounced, but the previous poster could be correct about making your wishes known in advance. In our experiences, the Butler is usually right outside of our room when he/she calls us to let us know they has our delivery ready! Have jumped out of bed, put a bathrobe on, and may times hubby just puts the blanket over his head (pretending he is not in bed, lol) . Butler in and out pretty fast, they are use to this , give him/her our tip and off they go!
  12. Anyone stayed in the "Haven Area" on the Jewel or other Class Ships of the same. Know there is not a bar or restaurant in this area. But wondering about Butler drink, meal service. We would have the drink pkg. which I know does not cover room service delivery in non haven cabins, , except is that included in these premium priced cabins? Would enjoy breakfast served with a bloody Mary, ,lol. we are aging and thinking about a splurge. Have seen this area before, the courtyard area, but would appreciate any comments about the specialties included. Have a SN Suite now, but considering an upgrade, since I have "heard" the SN category suites may not be given much except larger suite, starting in Sept.
  13. We used Prime time on January 4 this year. To get pick up from the area right out of baggage claim, you do need a reservation, for one of their "private vans" or a town car. We had six in our group, made reservations a few days ahead, driver texting as soon as we got off the plane. we reserved the "private Van" as we almost filled it up. they left directly from the airport to the Doubletree In san Pedro once we got inside. their website is very user friendly and will explain all info easily.
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