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  1. I truly understand the frustration of getting a photo into the NCl online check in process. Our desk top did not have a camera, so we bought a little one, some how hubby was able to hook it up. then back to the NCL night mare of taking both our photos. Only the first one would be accepted. Finally tried google to access our NCL account, finally was able to get the second photo taken and saved! Our daughter was going to help, Have absolutely no idea how to do it from a phone. Our desk top was our only option. I was told by more than one NCL agent on the phone line we would be denied boarding if our photos were not in the system, because our edocs would not be completed and would not print out prior to boarding. I think this is a pile of BS, but even online chat said go to a library, go to a relative, but you will be denied if photo not submitted. this is the honest truth.
  2. If you are within the time line , usually 21 days after deposit, I would get pre existing conditions included, more expensive cancel for any reason. NCL insurance is pretty pricey for what the coverage amounts are, but better than nothing. On Cruise Critic there is a discussion topic for cruise insurance, its does list where to go to look.
  3. bluesea77; only saw the POA here in Astoria, last Saturday (the 24th) all tied up, then gone from the Port. ?? hope she makes it back to Astoria for parking until the ship can get going back to Hawaii for sailing.
  4. POA is now parked and tied up in Astoria, OR. Have no idea what was done during dry dock, but i she certainly is an added sight to see here, makes not being on a NCL cruse for 18 months sad, but hoping we get everything figured out for the Bliss in October.
  5. POA still not parked in Astoria as of today, 7-23-2010, 2pm, and hasn't been here yet, unless it is doing night time parking and test runs during the day? We live 5 miles from Port
  6. No AIR ,or FCC involved; Booked May 5 for Joy out of Miami, (Oct 19) decided that wasn't a good option, on June 8, called 800 # for NCL, changed ship to Bliss departing out of LOs Angeles, Oct 24th. Deposit moved to new sailing , same reservation number. Both these cruises are 2021
  7. Trawick Ins. according to what I read and checked with inusuremytrip, will provide coverage for preexisting conditions if purchased before final payment.?? do not have to purchase within a certain number of days of first deposit
  8. Birdtravels: did you have any problem getting photos accepted? We are away out, Oct. 24, but can only get one photo accepted, thats why I am asking. Were you able to print out edocs yet? Did your online registration show 100% completed after acknowledging muster drill and choosing embarkation time? Thanks for your time responding, have been having major stress about making final payment and not being able to complete online requirements.
  9. Our final payment is due August 25th,2021. Am leery about that also. Our sailing on Oct. 24, I believe has the " cancel 15 days prior to sailing), this will not get cash refund, but a Cruise Credit in the amount paid. Am a loyal NCL cruiser but their online chat is all over the board on information. Doubt they will extend final payment,. the online check in alone, gives me thoughts about waiting later to sail. Online chat representative told me we could be denied boarding if we were unable to download required documents. (photos, CDC vaccination cards) but then told by Support Services, CDC cards only needed at Port. It goes on and on.
  10. SwimmingDragon: you were able to get 2 photos accepted on online check in? Going to wait awhile and see if system will accept 2nd photo somewhere along the line, before final payment, although NCL rep says wait until 21 days out. not comfortable with that, urggh, thanks for your encouragement, never, ever thought after 20+ cruises on NCL that this darn online nightmare would happen! Want to Cruise
  11. looked but did not see your roll call post, will keep checking, have so many questions to ask you and others; having one darn time getting online registration
  12. roboclam: did you have more than one person on reservation? (s). still fighting the darn system, getting 2nd photo accepted. get a lot of gibberish from online chat about having hubby register separately,
  13. Supposedly on Bliss, Oct. 24,2021, was able to book all dining on June 26th. (specialty restaurants) did not do any MDR, No Shows were showing though. Luckily in the Haven. Have saved bucks last 15 months staying home.
  14. Platinum Dinners are now, 2 per cabin, even if both people are Platinum and Platinum Plus, this changed a couple years ago I believe.
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