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  1. thankfully haven't had the need to board up here in Astoria, but closed down once again for all dining, gyms, all the limits on gatherings. urggh, keep looking at cruses online for a year from now, keep my spirits up, lol. just got to have something to hope for. will keep an eye on the Regatta😎🤞
  2. Just to let you know, Regatta still in Astoria. I only see her in daytime. But going to find out if she lights up at night. She moved in and out recently, changed position for parking here. Hoping some local group will get it together to give crew some special Christmas cards, etc. Ship looks lonely, want to cruise again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. No cruises IMO going for a very long time, do not invest anymore money and have to wait for a hopeful refund. Wish it wasn't so, but don't have a crystal ball, but we still got a rough road to get through before we get back to our very favorite vacation, CRUISING!
  4. We have the Oceania Regatta parked in Astoria, only 93 crew members onboard. think there is room for another Ship, would like to see the Jewell here, good revenue for our Port,. Not that far from Long Beach, ???? who knows!
  5. love everyone's optimism about sailing in the next year!!! we all need to have something to look forward to.
  6. Hi tech options, sure doesn't sound fun times. Cruising will definitely change, but hopefully not taking away the experience of being pampered and enjoying the amenities. No problem with wearing masks while roaming the Ship and at shows, really prefer this, as we always seem to pick up a cold onboard. Not Having a personal dining experience, would be a real downer to the trip. Keeping everything crossed that within a couple of years we will be able to have one or two last cruises before we are too old to go, out and about by ourselves, lol, in the older category, but fortunately have
  7. Yup, regatta parked in Astoria, saw her up close today! Going to be hard looking at a Cruise Ship everyday and not going cruising on any line for ever it seems like. Will do drive bys , honk and wave to let crew members know we care about them.
  8. Hasn't made it here yet as of 2pm. Was concerned our "local" powers to be may have cancelled its arrival. Will hopefully see her tomorrow!! Hopefully the Trolley that ORV is referring to will be up and running, has not been since Covid. urggh. the picture of the Cannery Hotel is in Astoria, you will see it from your Ship.
  9. oops, the buses were pre covid. have no idea, if they will run now. But am pretty sure the Market will be open, it was this year
  10. alcpa1, if you make it to Astoria May 21, there will be local buses, at the Pier to take you downtown to the Market. $2.00, I think. Market opens on Mother's Day each year. Even this year it was a scaled back version, hopefully 2021 will have many more vendors back.
  11. yes , indeed, the Regatta is to arrive in Astoria on Thursday. We have cruised many times but never on Oceania. Will see the Ship almost daily and wish wish we were going on a cruise. 93 crew members onboard, they will be able to get off the Ship with restrictions of course. We will honk and wave frequently.
  12. Pre covid- one way pdx to cph, via Iceland , Oct. 2019, we boarded a NCL ship, disembarked in New Orleans. No restrictions for anything. But that was pre covid. Iceland air
  13. Depends on which Ship you are sailing on. If a Ship with the Haven, the concierge desk will be in the Haven area. Non Haven ships usually, the Concierge will have an area outside of the Specialty dining venue that you will be entitled to for breakfast and Lunch. You will have "special area" for shows, though sometimes selecting on your own is better. You will have priority disembarking at Ports (of course pre covid). And have a "special" area for boarding the Ship, with snacks, coffee, water, etc. and your Butler will escort you to your cabin. Sure I forgot something, but hopefully other
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