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  1. I set up the Meet & Greet on the Jade Southern Caribbean 7-17 Dec 2018 and was given VIP status. We had the same extra perks as guests staying in suites e.g. breakfast and lunch in speciality restaurants, use of concierge services, special escort off ship at all ports, a special snack every day (candies, cheeses, tapas etc). We also had bathrobes and slippers and special shampoos, lotions etc. And yes, we were invited to a special reception with the Captain. Very, very nice perks.
  2. So, with all these research resources, the general consensus is “all is good.” “Nothing wrong.” I guess I am the only one who saw someone post about a repair to the Bliss propulsion system in St Thomas. I may also be the only one to question the post about the Jade hitting something during it’s last Panama Canal crossing and then quickly moving out of PR. I still think there is more here than meets the eye, but I enjoy a good mystery. No ill intent, but maybe still a little conspiracy.
  3. I’m speculating that there is an issue with propulsion on Jade and NCL decided to not take a chance on coast guard inspection in St Thomas. Better to cancel and send passengers home than to fail inspection. Poor publicity hits stock prices.
  4. Jade was showing movement at 16 knots a few hours ago. And yet all passengers were forced off and flown back to Miami. Seems fishy to me.
  5. Copy of FB post just made from on board Bliss. “We are still in ST Thomas. All aboard was 2 hours ago. This is definitely not a complaint as we appreciate the cell service. The captain made an announcement that the coast guard will not allow the ship to leave without an inspection on the repairs made to the propulsion.” Jade cruise cancelled in PR prior to going to St Thomas. Many say mechanical issue with propulsion. Guess it it could be coincidence.
  6. Looking forward to hearing the results of your submission. I am considering buying NCL, but not sure at this point.
  7. Are you always such a pain? My request has been confirmed without your input.
  8. I used group event twice and special event once. They all went to the same place! Auto response came back each time with “thank you for contacting...”.
  9. Just received a confirmation from NCL Special Events Department. Third Attempt in the subject line must have had an impact.
  10. Just sent a request to the address you provided and received the exact same automated response back, word for word. Crossing my fingers that I get an actual response soon. Thanks for your suggestion.
  11. Thank you TrumpyNor. I will try that address.
  12. Yes I used the correct email address and received the standard automated response both times. Next one will be my 3rd attempt. Funny that my cruise on the Bliss already has a confirmed location and it’s over 100 days out. Must be a ship staff issue.
  13. The Jade. How long did it take to get a response after you sent a request?
  14. Has anyone been successful recently in getting a response from NCL to set up a M&G? I’ve sent two requests and have received an automated response that I would be contacted within 72 hours, but still no actual response. Who should I contact now? Thanks everyone.
  15. Try this: clear your background apps, bring up CC in your phone browser, (don’t log in on main page), click on boards, wait for them to load, and then try to log in with your CC user id and password. I tried to login on the main page several times before I tried it this way. I had to try many times before I finally got in on my phone today.
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