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  1. 900 on the APEX when i sailed 2nd week of September just the right amount if you ask me 😉 i did book it again in April and got a email from the CEO (standard I assume) thanking me saying that all sailings will be at reduced capacity, but did not give a percent
  2. I dont know if it was different but i had seen pictures and videos of the Eden chocolate ball that opened and on the Apex 3 weeks ago they did not have it 😞
  3. I already have my QR code from the PLF form but Delta has changed my flight number from the Atlanta - Athens flight Times and everything else are the same Should I do another PLF or will it be ok ? asking if they check that when you get there or just the code
  4. From what i have read from people that have posted from the last 3 cruises of Apex you can go ashore on your own or a private tour or even Celebrity. there seems to be no restrictions in place
  5. I was watching the a Santorini Live webcam and could clearly see the ships tenders where not used and local boats where going back and forth
  6. I had a problem with 2 certificates for deposit - 1. Cruise was canceled because of Covid in 2020 2. booked a cruise for July 2021 with the certificate but that cruise was canceled. 3. tried to use the certificate for September of this year . they told me it was no good ( i had two certificates for two couples one was good the other no good) after lots of calls and being on the phone for a long time they found out that Celebrity had mistaken coded one of the certificates for Flights by Celebrity it was a problem on Celebrity side - I don't know if this is what happened to you but it might be worth a call to check with them
  7. one of the reason i am thinking internet speeds might be slow as the whole ship has gone wifi on the app for most things they might be having a bandwidth issue with some many people on wifi
  8. someone said on this weeks trip to Santorini Celebrity added a sunset sail boat excursion - but i dont see it online
  9. in regards to the internet what package did you get ?
  10. what package did you have on ship and what where you trying to do on the wifi 🙂 just curious
  11. you should be able to check in as i checked in this week for a September 4th sailing
  12. strange i went out of Chrome and into Edge to get mine done 😉
  13. If you have paid full price for 2 people and because of family reason one person cannot go but the other can is there any penalty ? or do since you paid you just tell them one person cannot make it I been looking for an answer and I cant find it Thanks
  14. in about a week i was supposed to sail on the APEX from Rome about 11 day cruise hitting Turkey, Greece, Malta and ending in Barcelona the price i got with all 4 perks for an Aquaclass cabin was $7,800 i got my $900 FFC and was looking at a cruise that is almost the same on the Edge 11 days leaving Rome, Turkey, Greece but this one ends in Rome. the price is almost $10,800 ($2,000 more) in fact a non Aquaclass cabin is $9700 such a big difference is this common or is it because they gave 150 percent cruise credit and there fore jacked up the prices ?
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