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  1. I was just wondering since I was looking at cruise tracker and its still in port in SD and i need it to be in Seattle Saturday lol 🙂
  2. what time is the ship leaving San Diego and is it going straight to Seattle ?
  3. So I called Holland America and they told me they know about the issue with the web page showing that you have to pick a time. She told me I can go as many times as I want during the hours the spa is open. Just as other people on this forum have said. Thank you all Tony
  4. I was looking at the 7 day thermal suite 7 day pass for couples, but one thing that concerned me is that when you try to book it on line it wants you to select the exact time you want to show up in a pull down? I would like to go when i feel i have a need to go not at a specific time every day why would i lock my self into a set time every day when your on vacation has anyone used the pass and where they strict on their time? also sailing Eurodam in May
  5. Today's news from judge in maimi https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article229069589.html
  6. Well on the package I purchased said I had a cabin upgrade. My cabin still has not been assigned. Maybe they will move me into a cheaper veranda cabin. LOL
  7. I don't know I will let you know May. I booked it because there where no other verandas available high up 🤔
  8. I did the Westerdam from Singapore to Hong Kong Last December. I enjoyed it nice to sail into halong bay sitting on your balcony . weathers was ok I spent lots of time relaxing through Vietnam on Sea days watching the fishing boats
  9. I booked one on the Eurodam for a cruise in May to Alaska. after reading about it and checking up. it no different that a regular Veranda cabin except you get 3 bottles of Vitamin water just 3 no refills and a yoga mat... not even a discount at the spa your just closer
  10. I would not get the premium. It's misleading. Premium allows you to stream. It says unlimited. But the truth is they slow you down to a point where it does not work. I could not even stream audio of a soccer game from England at 4 an in the morning from Singapore cruise let alone stream the video. When I complained they told me I went past my 300 Meg limit for high speed I said how could I it was 4 am and the game just started. But to no avail never heard back from them
  11. i wonder about upgrades too .. I booked the what if package It does say free upgrade and I did get free airfare to Alaska but even though I did not get my cabin assigned I did pick a 10 floor Veranda Spa room .. what possible upgrade will they give me? or will they just say there are non available?
  12. Well the middle plan gives you email. But if you want FaceTime your need the high end plan but that gives you everything
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