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  1. I live in New York and felt like I won the lottery when I was able to secure a spot through the local health department (online registration). First dose was last Wednesday- and despite having a concerning medical history, I had absolutely no side effects. Win! Interestingly, they had us sign up for our second shot appointment right then, so that we were already counted in terms of allotted shots.
  2. we went to Samba a few times on Allure. Is it Fago de Chao, no. But it is pretty good. We tried everything the first night, then made specific requests the second time we went. As with any Brazilian Steakhouse there are some entrees that are better than others.
  3. luckily that trip we were driving, so I could have as much suitcase room as I wanted. I usually try to limit my carry on to one outfit for dinner, a baiting suit, drugs, Electronics and jewelry.
  4. roller carry on size suitcase. No weight to carry at all.
  5. we’re going in August so I will try to leave a review of the updated food offerings. From what I read, Giovanni’s should be like it was on Allure but with an expanded pizza menu. More like fine dining Italian that includes pizza on the menu than going to the local Pizza Hut (but i could be wrong). Playmakers is a bar, but they have a pub-ish food menu. I’m excited to see if it is the same or different than the oasis class. I wouldn’t eat there for dinner- but lunch or a late night snack would be an option. Izumi hibachi is included for 1 protein and 2 can be an up charge
  6. are you on Freedom pre-drydock or post? We’re going this summer and all the old restaurants are still listed, but my understanding is there should be Johnny Rockets, Playmakers, Chops, Izumi(hibatchi and sushi) And the new Giovanis. I figured the package would be worth it with the new restaurants. it has also been our experience that you can go anytime the restaurant is open- not just sea days for lunch. We would go to Johnny rockets just for ice cream sundaes after hot port days. Also, if you we’re looking for ice cream I’ve heard good things about the sundaes from Playmakers. Remem
  7. we had the same experience on Allure this summer. DH has 2 bottles and I had 2 bottles. Incidentally, he also had 12 bottles of water and I had 12 bottles of pop. We had no issues. I was prepared to show documentation of the b2b but no one ever asked.
  8. I believe all US sailings you have to get off the ship. I’ve heard of sailings where people didn’t, but they weren’t originating at a US port. The letter you receive will detail a location of where to meet on turn around day and at what time. You are then given your new sea pass cards and escorted off the ship. The letter will detail anything you need to bring with you- I think we needed passports (or other similar documentation). You are escorted off as a group, may meet with a customs officer on land, then escorted back on the ship before other passengers. we noticed that when retu
  9. On our last Allure trip it took months for the correct itinerary to be available in the cruise planner-and we hadn’t had a itinerary change. It kept saying Rotan when that wasn’t a possible port. Could just be the cruise planner being unhelpful.
  10. Our first cruise with Royal was a b2b on allure. They often won’t recognize your loyalty change within a cruise, but someone above is absolutely right the b2b is two different cruises. When we embarked for the second cruise, we went to the loyalty ambassador and she was able to update our status manually. She then affixed a sticker to our cards with the new status.
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