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  1. we went to Samba a few times on Allure. Is it Fago de Chao, no. But it is pretty good. We tried everything the first night, then made specific requests the second time we went. As with any Brazilian Steakhouse there are some entrees that are better than others.
  2. luckily that trip we were driving, so I could have as much suitcase room as I wanted. I usually try to limit my carry on to one outfit for dinner, a baiting suit, drugs, Electronics and jewelry.
  3. roller carry on size suitcase. No weight to carry at all.
  4. we’re going in August so I will try to leave a review of the updated food offerings. From what I read, Giovanni’s should be like it was on Allure but with an expanded pizza menu. More like fine dining Italian that includes pizza on the menu than going to the local Pizza Hut (but i could be wrong). Playmakers is a bar, but they have a pub-ish food menu. I’m excited to see if it is the same or different than the oasis class. I wouldn’t eat there for dinner- but lunch or a late night snack would be an option. Izumi hibachi is included for 1 protein and 2 can be an up charge (or included). They did finally add to the fine print that it is actually included so you can point to that if there is confusion.
  5. are you on Freedom pre-drydock or post? We’re going this summer and all the old restaurants are still listed, but my understanding is there should be Johnny Rockets, Playmakers, Chops, Izumi(hibatchi and sushi) And the new Giovanis. I figured the package would be worth it with the new restaurants. it has also been our experience that you can go anytime the restaurant is open- not just sea days for lunch. We would go to Johnny rockets just for ice cream sundaes after hot port days. Also, if you we’re looking for ice cream I’ve heard good things about the sundaes from Playmakers. Remember you could go to an early dinner, see a show, and be able to use the package at playmakers for evening bar food.
  6. we had the same experience on Allure this summer. DH has 2 bottles and I had 2 bottles. Incidentally, he also had 12 bottles of water and I had 12 bottles of pop. We had no issues. I was prepared to show documentation of the b2b but no one ever asked.
  7. I believe all US sailings you have to get off the ship. I’ve heard of sailings where people didn’t, but they weren’t originating at a US port. The letter you receive will detail a location of where to meet on turn around day and at what time. You are then given your new sea pass cards and escorted off the ship. The letter will detail anything you need to bring with you- I think we needed passports (or other similar documentation). You are escorted off as a group, may meet with a customs officer on land, then escorted back on the ship before other passengers. we noticed that when returning to our room we had to use our old sea pass card as the new one didn’t work until the rooms we “officially” open. we did mention to our room steward that we were on a b2b and not to worry about our room on turn around day- they have so much to do we didn’t really need our room tidied that morning.
  8. On our last Allure trip it took months for the correct itinerary to be available in the cruise planner-and we hadn’t had a itinerary change. It kept saying Rotan when that wasn’t a possible port. Could just be the cruise planner being unhelpful.
  9. Our first cruise with Royal was a b2b on allure. They often won’t recognize your loyalty change within a cruise, but someone above is absolutely right the b2b is two different cruises. When we embarked for the second cruise, we went to the loyalty ambassador and she was able to update our status manually. She then affixed a sticker to our cards with the new status.
  10. We were on a b2b on Allure starting the 21st of July. We had the package for both weeks. My husband, who often orders a 12 ounce filet, ordered 2 6 ounce filets in Chops (for research purposes I’m assured). There was absolutely no problem or issue. We dined in Izumi hibachi 3 times. Once at the beginning of each week and near the end of the last week when 150 was not as awesome as we had anticipated. On the last visit, the waiter said there would be a $10 upcharge for ordering a combo (you we’re allowed to create your own combo and filet and filet was a common answer at the table). We assumed he was talking to the couple to our right as they had the 3 night plan and we had not been upcharged on either of the other 2 nights including 1 on that sailing. When we got the bill we were surprised at the charge ($20). When we asked the hostess, who was amazing and consistently went above and beyond, she brought it to the restaurant managers attention who removed the charge from the bill. In all, I would say this speaks to the great inconsistency in implementing the Unlimited dining package (as it switched over from the ultimate package).
  11. I asked the rink staff specifically about this on Allure a few weeks ago. I had read a similar article before going about advanced times. They did not have advanced times as they had no ice time available for it. There were 3 open sessions. The first was during the middle of the day on a sea day. It was packed. They divided the time into 4 half hour sessions- and despite arriving 40 minutes early, I just made it into the second session. The second time slot was right in the middle of our dinner time (7 pm) so I didn’t go. The last was at 5 o’clock on a day we visited Labadee and had a 530 all aboard. I arrived early, but wouldn’t have needed to. Between some people just returning, some people being at dinner, and the novelty box already being checked, there may have been 50 people that showed during the whole time. My husband, who isn’t as much of a fan, even borrowed skates and came out. Since I had my own skates, I was also able to get onto the ice a little early. That was nice. It was however right after practice for the ice show and it was not fresh ice. However, having hocking playing kiddos, I would recommend you find one of these “during dinner” times. I would assume they may be frustrated with the pace of the sea day session. We drove to the port, so I figured I could have all the packing space I desired. I also didn’t get to skate much this winter as a respiratory infection right after Christmas made breathing nearly impossible for a month and then I was limited in outdoor activities for some time there after (we live in the north east so skating is an outdoor seasonal activity). This made skating on a ship an extra novelty (inside AND in the middle of the ocean) and totally worth bringing skates for. I doubt that will be the case in the future.
  12. Is Izumi Hibachi an option with the +1 (I’m sorry I don’t have a cruise planner yet for the cruise we just booked so I can’t look that up)? On our last cruise we had the unlimited package so we got to try all the specialty restaurants. On that particular cruise, there were a number of large groups having special events in those restaurants. For example, the night we dined in 150, there was a party of 22 and 3 parties of around 10 a piece. Our entrees and service were definitely not as amazing as they had been in the past (and I would like to think it was because of the added stress to the kitchen to service a group of 22, than it is an overall decline in the quality of the specialty restaurant itself). I don’t know if this is a trend or was just a unique sailing. I say this because waiter in another restaurant mentioned that it is difficult for the specialty restaurants to provide exemplary service to that many big groups. I recommended Izumi because by the nature of hibachi, this was not an issue at all either time we dined there. Also, it gives a nice difference to the type of restaurant if you are already dining in chops once that week.
  13. I’m sorry your disbelief is not the point of this thread. Perhaps we can move on now?
  14. Wow. We brought 4 bottles of wine on board with us. 2 additional bottles were purchased in specialty restaurants. If you have a dining package they come at a discount. I had 5 daiquiris and the husband had 4 beers one day by the pool. There was also a drink of the day here or there. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you needed an organized list for my experience to be valid. My point was that many people assumes you should have the beverage package and that is not always the case. Just a different point of view. I was reading the thread because we plan to book another RCCL cruise and want to stay on top of the current prices (since you cannot see those until you have access to the cruise planner).
  15. I completely agree. We just got back from a b2b, so 14 days. I was skeptical of the price of the deluxe package so we decided to try this time without it (and it never got below $48 per person per day). We spent $400 in total for both weeks (including $137 in liquor to bring home and $40 in bow ties and a new purse). We brought on water/soda/wine. We bought a couple bottles of wine while dining in specialty restaurants and had a day where we drank whatever by the pool. We drank in port. We don’t normally drink much soda or any specialty coffees. I also brought my Britta water bottle that I use at work. So glad we didn’t buy the package. For us the fact that you have to drink that much every day was a sticking point. After having the beverage package on other lines, I know I run into drink fatigue especially on a port intense cruise. I also don’t drink a ton at home regularly, so there’s that also.
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