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  1. Just request a solo table on Your Time Dining. You may have to wait 15 minutes or so, but will be accommodated.
  2. I have actually booked several vacations the rest of this year, and next year through Carnival. I refuse to be scared to enjoy my time off because of the Corona Virus. I will wash my hands, I always wipe down my room with clorox wipes, and in general I am not around or face to face with a lot of other people.
  3. You won't have service while at sea unless you pay about $4 a minute. Data is even higher.
  4. Michael Speenburg and Courtney Griffin will be on Carnival Fantasy 1/20-1/25 per John Heald.
  5. I will be on the Fantasy January 20th - can you please post if you find out who comedians will be?
  6. I was on the ship the cruise after yours (3rd after dry dock) and didn't experience any of that. Hate you all didn't enjoy.
  7. $5 per person. Then you can talk with anyone on the ship who is using it as well.
  8. 1: You should be fine with your location. However that doesn't stop people from smoking on their balcony even though you aren't supposed to. 2: There are typically two show times. A few things may only have one showing. You should be able to find a copy of the daily schedule. I also read reviews of that ship by other cruisers here in the forums. 3: Yes you can, but may have a 15-20 minute wait to get that persons section. Or you could request to be moved to Early Dining on the first day, which will give you the same server without a lot of wait or hassle. Just
  9. Funny I find land vacations stressful now. Prefer not worrying and sipping a cocktail on the Serenity Deck!
  10. Very welcome. If you arrive early and HAVE to sit there, pay in advance using the website. http://www.shipmobile.com/parking/ If you do this, no need to know your tag number when you arrive or board the ship. If you wait any pay when you get there you have to stand in a LONG kiosk line, enter your tag number, and pay. Doing it ahead of time saves a lot of time. They are NOT picky about arrival times. Chance you can board once you arrive are high. No harm in trying.
  11. Parking at that time the Garage will be filled, and you will be directed to the parking lots across the road which is not covered. If you arrive early, it is doubtful they will turn you away. I use a local man who allows a handful of cars to be parked at his home. He has a private area. You take your bags by the terminal and drop off, he lives 2 minutes away, and brings you back to the terminal. Then you text him when in customs and he comes and picks you up. Charges $50 and worth not having to deal with the hassle.
  12. I am sure you will enjoy the Fantasy. She is a old ship, so there are a few visible things like rust in a spot or two, and dated decor. But I have never had anything but the best service from staff. I believe the Fantasy is a training ship or used to be for newer hires. To get early dining when you get on the ship go to the dining room and speak with the Maitre De' and ask him to move you. The generally will accommodate your request, especially if you do it immediately when boarding. The Casino is the only inside area that allows smoking, so if you are sensitive to that, you may smel
  13. I have cruised on her 4 times now and loved every single one. To me I don't care that you go to the same port. I enjoy getting away, laying on deck, and just getting away. I go back in 79 days!
  14. Those safes are easy to open, but I locked myself out on a cruise and a security officer had to come to open. Story just seems odd.
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