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  1. Carol---I had booked the Internacional Design Hotel in Lisbon before my cruise for this past June was canceled. If I am back in Lisbon, I will try there again. Julia
  2. I had second dose of Pfizer Saturday. Sore arm Sunday. Fine Monday and today. Extremely grateful. Julia
  3. I will not laminate. Just take care of it. Thanks. Julia
  4. Docmark, I'm sure you received, as I did, a small card printed in English and Spanish, which shows which vaccine you were given and when you received it. Does anyone know if we will get something more official and permanent. I'm thinking of something that can be a part of our passports? I can have this card laminated but i'm not sure another country will pay attention to it. If anyone has information, please share. Thanks, Julia
  5. All I was told was to keep moving my arm and drink plenty of fluids. Didn't say what kind of fluids. Julia
  6. In keeping with the title of this thread, "Cause for cautious optimism," I am today very optimistic. I just received my first dose the Pfizer vaccine and will receive the second dose on the 30th. Chill the wine in the Cove. I feel like celebrating! Julia
  7. What confuses me is that they stated ___ >>Regarding: OCY210121-111 | Crystal Serenity | January 21, 2021 | 111 Nights | Los Angeles to Rome | Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders... and it is with deep regret that we have had to cancel our 2021 World Cruise.<< which indicates to me that the entire WC is canceled. Julia
  8. I'm confused. Is the entire WC canceled or just up through the March 25 cruise as Ryndam posted? I'm booked on April 24, Dubai to Rome, and it's still showing on website. Thanks, Julia
  9. Mscrystalina---I was also excited about flying on Emirates! I guess another year. Julia
  10. I should have typed March 24 not Match 24. Old age! Julia
  11. I am booked on the next-to-last segment of the WC, April 24. In discussing with my TA the fact that I will not be making an early payment, she said that the final payment date has been moved for that segment from January to Match 24. Of course, I think it's a moot point. Julia
  12. Nancy---I did not initiate a credit card dispute. My TA told me Tuesday of this week that she had checked with Crystal Monday and had been told that the refund had been issued that day. I did call Mastercard Thursday to see where the money was and was told it could take up to 5 days to appear. And behold, there it was in my account Friday! My friend who was on the first leg of the cruise and who canceled her cruise a month earlier, received her refund 2 weeks ago. Hope you and Phyllis get yours soon. Julia
  13. I received my refund today for my June 7, 2020, b2b cruises which Crystal canceled on May 4. Julia
  14. I am booked on the next to last segment of the world cruise, April 24, Dubai to Rome. For those of you who are betting men and women, what are the odds of its going? I have not made air arrangements yet, which I will do with miles. Thanks, Julia
  15. I have the April 24, 2021, Dubai to Rome still booked with crossed fingers. And a triple booked in August 2022 embarking in Iceland. I have to hope. Julia
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