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  1. I tried to re-book my May 10th cancelled cruise and was told by rep I wouldn't be entitled to any FCC sine my suite was fully comped. and that he couldn't give me 25% of nothing and that only the fare itself was considered for FCC 2 days later receive an email giving me a %25 future cruise credit on everything other then fare port charges, drink and dinning package etc. Called back with another Rep and re-booked easy peasy worked out to be Cheaper than cancelled cruise for same suite plus the FCC plus the $600 OBC Was a great deal Good Luck
  2. I have stayed in the Heaven several times and it took me a couple of trips to figure out That i didn't have to wake up and call my butler (and wait for him to bring me my pots of coffee) or have the butler wake me up to enter the room. We drink french press and don't really care for in suite machines. I Just advise the butler that i would like him to enter my room with requested items at a certain time without knocking and there is absolutely no problem Have had this done on several trips
  3. Hello, Is sapphire being included in the 3% fee being waived New? I have been Sapphire for a few years and always got charged the 3% percent fee. The CAS websites states that only Ruby and above gets the 3% fee waived. Are you taking into account that a host can remove the fee depending on your play? Or is this a new Benefit? Thanks Rob
  4. Walls and ceiling in the room are made of metal magnetic hooks can be used on both I place them on the ceiling to hold things and it works great If you place them on the walls they will work buy if you have any real weight on them that tend to slide down toward the floor Also they have a bakery on board ob the waterfront that sells cup cakes (the old carlos bake shop)
  5. Was thinking of booking the Escape but I am now having second thoughts "Blued collared passengers with tattoos that were drinking alcohol" who can't tell the difference between burgers and Kobe steak, from the New York area, imagine that. I may have to look at a port in south and hope to sail with some classy folk 🧐 😎
  6. $209 or $219 per person (definitely one or the other just can't remember which) sold out last week but spoke with someone who had a #7 boarding pass and he was able to get 4 passes It was pretty full most of the week
  7. just got off the escape Sunday no 4 card
  8. Does the ship carry this? and if so, is it included in the beverage package?
  9. I will be traveling in this suite with 4 adults and am curious about the sleeping arrangement in the living room does the couch pull out to accommodate 2 adults? If so is there really enough room for 2? If its tight for 2, is there a request that can be made with the the Butler for a single fold up bed to be added to the room. Thanks in advance
  10. Appreciate you taking the time for such a detailed response. Helps a lot. Happy Cruising!
  11. I am Looking to book an AFT suite and have read that different floors have different size balconies. I cannot find the post that details which floors have the largest? Also, someone has mentioned that the room configuration can vary by floor but I cannot find different floor plans on the NCL website. Any info or advise would be much appreciated.
  12. I sailed the Dawn to Bermuda several years ago and on the last day in Bermuda I Jumped from an unregulated cliff and the wave went out and i landed on Rock. Broke both my knees, ankle, foot and shattered my heal. The Heal was by far the worse break. It was impossible to get around or even have any part of my foot touch the ground. That is until I was fitted with a pressurized walking cast (boot). Was able to walk without crutches and felt no additional pain when walking. In addition to the cast I used a cane just to help with balance when navigating stairs as the Boot is heavy when walking a lot But was able to get around just fine. Ive also gone on Cruises after Having my Knees replaced which did require crutches and was able to get around just fine by using those metal half crutches (not sure what their real name is, they have hand grips and extent with supports that end at your forearm) which eliminates the shoulder and rib pain and poor balance associated with typical crutches. Good Luck.
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