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  1. Thank you Cabin4three, That would be most appreciated
  2. Is there a sanctuary ( ie peaceful area on a deck for Full Suite Pax ?)
  3. Thank you Jetr02, It seems I will have various ways to remove my Debit Card (I do not own a Credit Card ) How do i gift myself OBC ? Thanks
  4. Can I remove my debit card from my cruise account when on board so I can then pay cash for my purchases?
  5. Thanks Mike981, I agree that if you think positive then positive things will happen. Where we live we are lucky to get 3 flights a week to our destination,,,,,,, never mind 3 a day!!!!!
  6. Thanks for all the helpful advice. Yes insurance is needed, I agree, but it does not take away that hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach when things go pear shaped.
  7. Anybody makes a back up plan when preparing to travel in case everything goes wrong? . ie cancelled flights, bad weather, unable to get to the dock in time etc..
  8. Just booked an 11 day cruise to the med on the above what, if any benefits , are available to me?
  9. Point taken ed01106, More stress...lol
  10. Thanks BlueRiband, We are able use Low Cost Airways, ie Ryanair, Easy Jet from Greece to the UK but I agree this cost has to be factored into the final cost. Thanks for the imput.
  11. Thanks for that information joecap, didn`t know school holidays were in October.
  12. Thanks cruiserbruce and ed01106, Yes, we have sailed the Western Med and the Dalmatian coast so a change of destination is needed for winter. Southampton is only a 4 hour flight (better than 13+ to the USA) I suppose I must just suck the lemon and pay for the best and cheapest deal from Southampton. Thanks for the help.
  13. A little background about us, we live in Crete so we have to fly to find a suitable port. Southampton is the nearest (apart from Athens and Heraklion, been there done that ) We are after a 14 day winter cruise to Portugal, Canaries area in October(Due to my working schedule) There are so many companies offering deals at the moment we are so confused, this will be our 3rd cruise so we are virgin cruisers. We do not have the benefit of the USA deals re re-booking before the 90 day clause. Any help is appreciated.
  14. generally go down nearer departure date?
  15. allanna

    MSC Lirica

    Would I sail again with MSC.........No Way
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