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  1. You are given a card from the original restaurant you purchased the wine and it is transferred to any other restaurant that you are eating at No problems
  2. Same here but we want to swap our drinks to coffee cards.
  3. Thanks cherylandtk, This is under the pre-reserved packages, there is a cost of zero showing and also my DW wife`s birthday is not on the 8th October. Confusing but my TA has no idea either. I shall let you know after the cruise.
  4. I have just checked my Personalizer prior to our departure 8th October from Southampton. The on board reservations for Celebrations shows a birthday gift on board for my wife that is complimentary for the 9th October. Any ideas what it might be or why it has been given to her? Her birthday was yesterday 27/9/2019. Not that I am complaining.
  5. Thanks Compozer for your thoughts, Isn`t Sabatini `s breakfast restaurant only for full suite members and Club Class are not allowed?
  6. Thank you so much skynight. This is our first (bucket list ) in a full suite and I am wanting it to be such a great experience for my DW . As I have mentioned before we have had an interior with a virtual balcony on the Navigator of the Sea, balcony on the Msc Lirica so we thought lets upgrade for a once in a lifetime cruise. From the information from CC members Sabatini`s seems unbelievable, impeccable service and fine dining. I believe we can change the comp. dining from boarding day to another time.? Sail away at 4pm after a long flight plus muster drill and checking out the ship does not give much time to get ready to dine. Again thanks for the information skynight.
  7. Including 2 1/2 bottles of red/white wine, plus 2 bottles of water every day? Also free champagne on embarkation?
  8. Thanks skynight, Along with the full suite benefits do we also get the club class benefits as well ?
  9. Thanks for that skynight, On another cruise forum it mentioned complimentary internet time but if you say so it must be true. lol lol
  10. Do full suite passenger get an internet discount or complimentary minutes?
  11. Thanks again Coral, It is my fist time on board Princess so really looking forward to the cruise. Only 36 days left.
  12. Thanks Coral, We are heading down to the Canary Islands and Madeira. Seems to be a bit of a no-no, so maybe off ship will be the best choice and the cheapest.
  13. I am in the process of booking an internet package for my up and coming trip. The maximum package is for 600 minutes plus 80 minutes bonus for 155 pounds. (OK you can buy more if you want) Over an 11 night cruise this equates to only 61 minutes per day. (Having 5 days at sea this seems expensive ) Is there a cheaper way to access the internet? I need the internet for my business whilst away.
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    Good, That`s kind of them.
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