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  1. OK...lets say you bring sail&sign and drivers license. Lets also say, that for some reason, you cant get back to the ship before it leaves. Then what? TAKE YOUR PASSPORT. You are in a foreign country. You may need to fly back to the U.S. What happens if you dont get to the ship and it leaves, and your passport is on the ship? PASSPORT. TAKE IT.
  2. We just returned a few weeks ago from the Conquest and we were in room 2369 it was an oceanview room and every night or shall I say early morning around 5am I would awaken to a screaching noise and I neved could figure out what it was. This was my first cruise and it really freaked me out because it sounded like the boat was scraping up against something but I never complained about it,,, just wondering if anyone else has ever heard this noise? (my hubby says it was just me being over nervous on my first cruise , but he could sleep through anexplosion so he never heard the noise) :confused:
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