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  1. Several of us from my breakfast bunch from a year ago on Vista had the 12-hour french toast and it was always cooked through. Pretty good, just A LOT. Ask for extra peaches. I never finished one. It's for sure big enough for 2 people. Maybe 3 😄 My SDB go-to is the eggs benedict with salmon with a side of bacon. My roommate always gets steak & eggs and he hates hot tomatoes so I always get his from under the steak 😋 We leave leave on Freedom in 24 days and I am already looking forward to his steak tomatoes, haha!
  2. On my first cruise in 2017, I used cash. When I was checking in at the terminal, I gave them $300 cash, and they applied it to my account. That was used for my gratuities, first day drinks and some silly souvenir items for my nephew. It was plenty for me because I also had purchased the drink package already, so those were covered after day 1. Hope this helps and happy first cruise to you!
  3. Except it isn't. It's about a completely different excursion site and locations on the other side of the world. But, thanks anyway?
  4. Maybe I am being a worry wart. What difference does it make to you? Oh wait, it doesn't. But I do appreciate your take on my personality. Have a nice day 😒
  5. Good point. Cutting out the middle man. I will look into the resort directly, see if it's any better. According to the web site, it's up to us to get ourselves to the resort & back to the ship, so we'd be paying $100 for the resort plus cab fare. So they don't even provide a shuttle or anything. Maybe booking directly w/the resort can get us a slightly better deal. We'll see. Thanks for the input!
  6. Some in my group are considering using them for a resort day pass type excursion in Nassau. I am always hesitant to use anyone but Carnival because of all the "what ifs" but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them. Thanks in advance! ⚓
  7. Hahaa...it’s not really like that, they just tend to do stuff like that. For me, I’m fine with not participating because it would cost additional $$$ for a beach I can go to for free. I’m cheap like that, lol. Plus, we have more than 12 people in our group, so not all of us could go anyway. it’s fine either way. I mean, I’ll be at the beach regardless, so I’m good 😎
  8. Some friends of mine have rented the HMC private oasis through carnival, for our upcoming cruise, because they fancy themselves to be ballers and I’m just wondering how close the cabanas are to the public beach area. You know, the one full of peasants like me, my roommate and two others from our giant group 😄 None of us have been to HMC before so we don’t know the lay of the land. So, theoretically, could the group of royals and the 4 peasants NOT hanging at the oasis somehow “meet in the middle” and by middle, I mean the water and still all hang out together? Or, are we banished
  9. I will sailing on Freedom in 42 days (but who's counting? 😄 ) and according to the CD schedule, ours will be a TJ Partida. Does anyone know how he is? My last one on Vista in 2019 was Matt Mitcham, who was beyond fantastic and awesome and hilarious and so dreamy to look it and the one before that from my 2018 cruise on Breeze was Schwartz, who we LOVED. I have been spoiled on CD's and I can't imagine anyone being better than those two, haha!
  10. The Sea Day Brunch is my FAVORITE! If they happen to have the giant french toast with the grilled peaches on top, GET IT and you can thank me later 😄
  11. My 3 cruises have been with a group of friends, a huge group, like 20+ and those of us that dined together had to arrive early and get us on the list. I can tell you from experience that if you have cabin numbers for them ahead of time, they will love it and makes it easier. You will still have to wait but they'll work with you. You might get one long table with several pushed together or if you don't mind, several round tables all near each other, sort of in a cluster.
  12. Oh yeah, I agree, it's not as good of a deal anymore. I've only sailed 3 times and even since my first (2017), I can see that it's changed. I even looked around the ports this past February and decided it wasn't worth bringing anything back, lol! I will just get the Cheers package and drink just high dollar and top shelf 😎
  13. Pretty sure I know the answer but wanted to ask all the professional cruisers :) I am sailing out of Galveston in February, on a Saturday, for an 8-day cruise. Am I correct in my assumption that the drink package would be for 7 days, and that sailing out on a Saturday makes no difference, because of our silly Texas liquor laws? 😄
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