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  1. My 3 cruises have been with a group of friends, a huge group, like 20+ and those of us that dined together had to arrive early and get us on the list. I can tell you from experience that if you have cabin numbers for them ahead of time, they will love it and makes it easier. You will still have to wait but they'll work with you. You might get one long table with several pushed together or if you don't mind, several round tables all near each other, sort of in a cluster.
  2. Oh yeah, I agree, it's not as good of a deal anymore. I've only sailed 3 times and even since my first (2017), I can see that it's changed. I even looked around the ports this past February and decided it wasn't worth bringing anything back, lol! I will just get the Cheers package and drink just high dollar and top shelf 😎
  3. Pretty sure I know the answer but wanted to ask all the professional cruisers :) I am sailing out of Galveston in February, on a Saturday, for an 8-day cruise. Am I correct in my assumption that the drink package would be for 7 days, and that sailing out on a Saturday makes no difference, because of our silly Texas liquor laws? 😄
  4. I sailed on Vista Feb. 3-10th and LOVED Mark and Milan! They would both ask "rum drink or Storm?" when they saw me approach the bar, lol! The rum drink was one I had made by Svatava last year on Breeze, I called it the Dirty Brunette. Mark took the recipe and added his own touch to it and then I tried a menu drink, The Perfect Storm and it was awesome. They were my favorites of the week. Now we're Facebook friends
  5. I just sailed on Vista the first week of February and used the app. Worked like a charm. It had even saved my friends from last year. If you have any linked bookings, it will add them too. The only negative for me is that group chat replies didn't always go to the same original group text. We had a group of like, 19 people, and sometimes the replies would be it's own thread, so you have a long list of texts to sift through. But other than that, I love it.
  6. Yes. My phone stays on airplane for the whole trip (unless we get some place with free wifi) and it works great.
  7. I had Svatava on Breeze last February and she created a drink for that I named the "Dirty Brunette" - they have flavored syrups and one was brown sugar. I asked her to make me something sweet-ish with that syrup. So she used Oakheart Spiced Rum, Sweet Vermouth and the brown sugar syrup. She used 3 black cherries on a stick as the garnish. It was DELISH!
  8. I read all these comments and have this to say: 1.) I've used my Texas DL & BC at Customs, in Galveston, AFTER my cruise was over, because Customs asked to see it. No problem, I was through in a flash. 2.) I can't believe I read ALL THE COMMENTS and I *still* don't know what has happened with the OP's peeps. OP - PLEASE COME BACK
  9. This is me. It's not a big machine, the bag looks like a laptop bag. I'm going to pack it all up, try a couple of different bags, see if it's heavy, etc. and make a decision. I also plan on asking others in my group of 20, if they have FTTF or better status, and if they can get to their rooms, I will just toss my stuff in their room! We are all close together on the same hall :)
  10. This might be a dumb question but here I go 🙂 Sailing on Vista on February 3rd... Is there a reason(s) why someone would carry on their CPAP machine versus putting it in their checked luggage? I’ve seen comments about them on various threads and it made me wonder. I’m bringing mine but was planning on packing inside my suitcase. It has a bag that everything goes in & it fits nicely in my suitcase, so I’d rather not carry it on, as I want less stuff to lug around once we board since we don’t have FTTF or anything that gets us in our rooms faster. (This is my first time bringing my CPAP on a cruise so I want to be sure I’m not doing something wrong 😄😄) Is it just personal preference? Thanks!!!
  11. Personally, having had a problem with my Cheers purchase in the past, I would bring anything confirming your purchase of it and I would also check once on board at the kiosk or Customer Service that it's there and working properly. Just in case and all that.
  12. I may do that anyway. Wouldn’t hurt to have a second copy until I renew my passport
  13. I laminated my almost 45 year old original birth certificate because it was tearing badly (I mean, it's 45 years old ) and it just dawned on me that CCL might not accept that. Does anyone know if they will take it? Do they care? (I never re-did my passport after it expired and now it's too late and I don't want to spend the $$ on it right now either.) Thanks y'all!
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