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  1. Thanks for all the info guys 😁
  2. Hello, I am about to book a cruise from Marseille on the MSC Meravigilla for a week. We've found flights for a good price, but just wondering how easy it is to get from Marseille airport to the cruise terminal. I prefer using the train rather than getting a bus as we can use the ticket machines to purchase tickets and take our time as my french isn't that good. But I can't find if its a bus or train from the airport to cruise terminal. Does anyone know? Also, with regards to what to pack. Having never sailed with MSC, what are their attire requirements for dinner? When we've been with P&O in the past they have a couple of black tie nights which adds weight to your luggage for extra shoes, tux etc. Many thanks, J
  3. Hi, My partner and I have been on 2 P&O cruises and have enjoyed them however we would like to try a different company to see how they compare. My partner is 30 next year and I'm planning on suprising him with a cruise. I have seen what I think is a good deal with MSC on the seaview that departs from barcelona and spending in the Med, which I think will be nice. They've currently got an offer of a balcony room for the price of an inside room which I would love to try as we've always has an inside room to keep the cost of the cruise to a minimum. However, having never tried MSC i've got a few questions. 1) With regards to dinner, can we request a table for 2 as we prefer to eat alone or are you seated on a table with others? I can imagine this is something that is remedied by paying more for one of their packages? e.g. bella/fantastica/auora 2) If we have to opt for a top package, how expensive are the paid for restaurants in order to get a table for two? 2) Are tips inclded or are these added onto your bill automatically? If so, how much are they typically when visiting the Med 3) What are the drinks prices like? 4) How efficient is disembarcation? Only that I plan to booking the flighs seperatly and need to choose a flight that is possible to make. The only reason I plan on booking the flights seperatly is because I plan on spending 3 nights in barcelona prior to the cruise. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
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