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  1. The scenery on the Danube cruise is stunning, so anytime is good. I went first week of June. I also did the Tulip Time cruise which was nice, and am leaving soon for the Rhine gorge cruise. For what it's worth, Rick Steves thinks that cruising the Rhine Gorge is one of the top scenic cruises or train trips in Europe. Ama is fantastic. Just call them and I'm sure they'll help you decide.
  2. I suggest you book one of their Christmas Market cruises, which begin in later November. They go down the Rhine or Danube. The Danube cruise from Vilshofen to Budapest is one of their most popular routes......absolutely beautiful. Once you've experienced Ama, you'll never go back to Viking. They are stellar in every way.
  3. You don't need to decide......each day, director will talk about next day's excursions. And you can't sign up for bike tours until you are onboard. Almost all excursions are always available. Except for the special ones that charge a fee.
  4. Go to Amawaterways.com.......then My Cruise......use your booking number and complete Cruise Checkin. You can't choose Excursions until you check-in. I was able to choose mine more than 90 days ahead.
  5. I’m not sure. But you will find the wines very nice and usually representative of the area you are cruising through.
  6. CaroleLee....I did the Vilshofen to Budapest segment in June. You absolutely don't want to miss the Illuminations cruise dinner the last night! You will have ample time to walk the decks after dinner to take in the magnificent lights. We opted to do the Chef's Table the first night and met great people who we did a lot with during the rest of the cruise. If you have a choice to go to Czesky Krumlov on an excursion, go! It is a magical village in the Czech Republic. I think it was the Linz stop for the boat.
  7. Well I can tell you for sure that the ATM in the Central Market will give you $700 worth of forinths (?). I made a big mistake when I calculated the amount I wanted. HAHAHA! This was in June.
  8. Ah, sorry. We are on June 1. I realized I had written to you before. I'll try and post a report. Happy sailing!
  9. Hi! A friend and I will be on same cruise. Looking forward to my first river cruise too. Sue and Bonnie hope to meet you.
  10. Thank you, Steamboats and Lyndarra! I really appreciate your information.
  11. Hello, I am booked on AmaSerena cruise starting in Vilshofen on June 1, ending in Budapest. Any information on current water levels? It's my first river cruise and I'm really looking forward to it! Any info is greatly appreciated.:cool:
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