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  1. Was on the Gem in December and Bliss and don’t recall the $4.00 upcharge. Also, the shrimp has an olives oil marinate, I can’t recall it before but was told it was there. I asked on the second visit and they served w/o the oil.
  2. OVA... yes, bigger and slots were good, played BJ and Ride, not a Pia Gaw player. I think I saw Keno. Love the haters,,, OVA... I enjoyed the cruise, and the casino in general. When the staff member, not a brown suit/pit person said the $25 is reserved for the hit rollers I said that you, NCL, did not look at the past NYC cruises and that the BA, for all the times I was on it, never had a $25 craps. As I said, the cash drops on both tables had to be low.
  3. Have a nice day Frank... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. One $10, one $25. The BA always both at $10 day one, the manager always lowered to $5 day two. The manager, the one shown on the picture board was no where to be seen. Noted in the survey. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. I was on the escapes first trip to Bermuda for the 2018 season I had a good time. In my signature you can see I spent a lot of time on the breakaway I was disappointed with the Escapes casino. On all my past trips casino manager was visible not on this trip . On all my past New York trips the craps tables were $10 tables and when asked, and I assume based on the cash drop, was lowered to $5. having seen that the Escape. came out of Miami my feeling is they were not ready in my opinion only my opinion prepared for the New York cruisers. The entire week there was no action at the craps table maybe the first two nights there was some regulars there but after that I didn’t see a lot of people. $25 table I maybe size 6 people at it now I wasn’t there during the entire time it was open but there was not a lot of action on that $25 table . this is one person‘s opinion I would be interested on what other people fail if they were on my cruise cruise that will end tomorrow and future cruises going out of New York this season .
  6. Just off the 4/22 Escape and was at last nights 6pm show, OUTSTANDING. Now I have been to the Breakaway “Dream” show so a fixed menu was expected. The BA show was also $29.99 if I recall, the diner service, was the same but there MAY have been an intermission. The appetizer was not my fav, but the main and dessert were ok. Now a little bias here, got called up at the start, before the show got going so..... The show was great, loved the pace and the story. I got what I expected, just starting out, please use the comment survey you get and voice your opinions.
  7. This summer cruising out of NYC with a first timers couple, my wife and I are Platinum Plus. Will they allow them to join us in the check out line.
  8. I am on the 4/22 sailing, thinking the embarkation would happen more toward 11 than 1130.
  9. Cool,,, the ship will be ready for us to get on. An early boarding
  10. I thanks all for their input I am saying NO...not going to do it the leprechaun went with the day, no reason Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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