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  1. When we were on the Getaway in October, a bartender told us the UBP "value" was being raised from 89/pp/pd to 99/pp/pd which I figured was to just collect an additional gratuity/service charge, but he also said he thought it would come with more drinks available on the UBP like Hendrick's Gin, which went from $14.95 2 years ago to $16.95 last year to now $19.95. We got on the Bliss in December to see more upcharges, not less. The whole bottle is $35. There is a serious issue when a bottle of $35 gin is considered super premium and raised $5 in a year, and the UBP raised as well. When we started cruising in 2016, we paid about $200 for the service charges on the UBP. It is now up to about $275 with a smaller selection. We still get it because my husband likes his beverages on a cruise, but the constant upcharges and ridiculous pricing on some liquor brands makes us less likely to book with NCL in the future if they continue raising their pricing. We love the vibe of NCL but when you know they are gouging you on pricing, it makes it less enjoyable. If we chose not to do the UBP, the individual cost of a lot of the drinks is ridiculous!
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    Due to the time of year and booking our cruise relatively recently, hotel prices for 2/14-2/17 are not cheap. It is hard to get a feel for driving ease and access from googlemaps, so is Metairie a good option (close to airport helpful as we get in very late on the 14th)? Cost is definitely more affordable and we tend to rent cars when we stay somewhere at least 2 days. I'm finding some really cute AirBnBs that seem like good fits, but want to make sure the area is recommended. Thanks for any advice/direction!
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