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  1. Thanks, CruisinCrow! I think we're definitely going to give it a spin. I'm hoping we'll enjoy it so much that we'll want to make it a regular thing when we get home. Appreciate the feedback!
  2. So my wife and I are complete jet ski virgins, but we're thinking about doing the excursion at CocoCay. I guess our concerns aren't specifically related to CocoCay, but I thought I'd ask here since that's where we'll be... My wife can't decide if she wants to be a passenger or drive her own See-Doo. She's afraid she'll have trouble operating and controlling it. It doesn't seem like it could possibly be that difficult to me, but ... who knows. I think she would love it. That girl loves anything fast. Second, we're both wondering what the likelihood of tipping off of one of those things is. She has very little upper body strength and I'm ... well I'm a big, buoyant, roundly shaped individual. Seems like pulling yourself back up on a jetski in the water could be a challenge, to say the least. Anybody have any experiences/advice/horror stories they can share?
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