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  1. Not just you. I noticed sometime over the weekend that I was locked out. I held on the phone this morning for a little over half an hour and when the rep came online, I told her what was going on. She said it wasn't just me and that 100% of her calls so far today (Monday) have been about this same issue. She said they hope to have the site back online sometime this afternoon, but that it may take longer.


    On a side note, websites are part of what I do for a living and I understand that they can be exceedingly complex. And having never dealt with the "old" Celebrity site, I have no frame of reference, but the current website seems poorly planned and executed. Call me crazy.

  2. I saw a snippet claiming Key West plans to be open to tourists on Oct. 20, just in time for Fantasy Fest. Even that seemed like a bit of a stretch to me, but I tracked down the source this morning, and sure enough -- that's the date they're targeting. I know they have a long row to hoe down there, but if anybody can pull it off, it's them!


    Here's the article.

  3. Like BNBR said, the garage/terminal situation is pretty easy to navigate once you're there, using the posted signs. And if you get turned around, you can always make a loop and circle back (voice of experience).


    From my limited knowledge, there are three large garages from which to choose. Garage C is the easternmost, across from Terminals B and C. Garage D is across from Terminal D and Garage G is way at the west end, across from Terminal G. Our first cruise out was from Terminal C and we parked at Garage C, which was very convenient for departure. Our debarkation terminal, however, was Terminal G and since we decided to walk back to the garage, we were starting at the furthest point and walking to the most distant garage.


    I think next time, we'll park in the middle garage (Garage D), just to be safe. The entrance to that garage is on the corner of N. Cruise Blvd., just after crossing Europe Way. Here's a link to the terminal map, and maybe that will help.

  4. There's a site that will also show you how may cruise ships are in a port at a time...


    I looked at the Miami schedule on cruisemapper and that's what got me to worrying about all this. Like I said there were three ships disembarking in April. The day we get back in November, there are supposed to be SIX in port! :eek::eek::eek:

  5. The answer is very simple. Just do self-assist and hop off early...


    We considered doing this on our last cruise, but dealing with all the luggage was a concern. It was a four-day cruise and my wife insisted on bringing enough clothes for two weeks. So one huge bag, her purse, a rollaboard carry-on and the bag of snorkel gear. This trip is nine days so I imagine we'll have even more to deal with. Over the years, I've learned it's better for our marriage to let her pack what she wants rather than try and convince her that she'd have to change outfits five times a day to wear everything she wants to bring. ;)


    All that said, the idea appeals to me. And would get us out of the port quickly and on our way, which is really the goal.

  6. We took our first ever cruise earlier this year out of Miami and arrival and embarkation were a breeze, but when we got off ship, two other cruises disembarking and Terminal G was a sweaty mass of angry humanity. Row after row of people were stacked 10 and 20 deep waiting for shuttles and cabs. It was nightmarish. We had parked on-site and after waiting 20 minutes for a port parking bus, we gave up and hoofed it about half a mile back to the parking garage.


    As we start planning for our next cruise out of Miami in November, I'm wondering if what we had was a rare experience, or if that's par for the port. I'd like to entertain the idea of parking off-site or at a hotel to save on the $20/day port garage fee But if it's going to take forever to get back to our car and start the four-hour drive back home, I'm willing to pay the extra $$$.

  7. Thanks, y'all! With it being our first cruise, we didn't know what to expect. It never really dawned on me to ask anybody to see if it could be fixed. And it wasn't always bad but it was noticeable starting on our second morning. Makes sense it could have been a dry drain.

  8. On our first cruise, earlier this year on Enchantment OTS, there was occasionally a rather robust unpleasant aroma that seemed to be coming from the (clean, unused) toilet.


    As we're getting ready for our second cruise, I'm wondering if this sort of thing is an unusual occurrence, or if it's just something that's to be expected. We bought some scented bath salts in Nassau and put a cup in the bathroom and that seemed to help. If it's a normal thing, do you do anything to combat it?

  9. Hey everybody!Long time lurker, first time poster. This community has already been such a big help and I'm hoping somebody can offer some advice.



    We finally booked our first cruise -- Four night, Bahamas on RCL Enchantment in late April. As background, we're in our 40s and we're all about kicking back and relaxing during this trip. We love to snorkel and be at the beach. My wife loves to shop. I love to carry the wallet and open and close it on her behalf.



    Our ports of call are Nassau, CocoCay and Key West. We're thinking of skipping either Key West or Nassau and staying on board one of those days, just to have more time to enjoy the ship. And my wife is thinking about maybe visiting the spa that day while I relax and write letters home to my elderly aunts and uncles (OK, that's code for ... "go shoot craps in the casino").



    If you HAD to choose missing out on Nassau or Key West, which would you choose and why? We've never visited either place if that makes any difference in your mind.

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