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  1. I apologize.....It is different than I was emailed. I see it has changed.
  2. Thanks, on both Carnival Glory and Paradise, they provided a trundle bed for my daughter, the 3rd person in the room The room you booked for your daughter to be in there could be booked for 3 guests. The room you are talking about for upper/ Lower only 2 can be booked into. So even if they had a trundle, it would not be added bc it would make the 3rd bed in a 2 person cabin.
  3. For a 6 day the OBC is 300. It does have to be a 7+ days to get the 600 OBC
  4. Spirit was our first cruise. She is a beauty. She hooked us on cruising and Alaska.
  5. My PVP told me it could take upwards of two weeks or more for the FCC to be applied. That is not the actual amount you owe. Give it some time.
  6. Doesn't matter what anyone thinks! It was posted on Carnival as both types. Now are they going to continue this after the virus is gone? Million dollar question.
  7. Eli_6 Elizabeth, I would not cancel right now. But I would talk to the person who booked your cruise. They might have more answers than we do.
  8. I don't know the size of the boat but I saw the folks from our ship, Radiance of the seas, doing the Salmon bake. It was maybe 30 people? Now there could have been more, but the group we saw was not large.
  9. We had this lunch prepaid and had it on the last sea day as well. We were on the Rhapsody of the Seas. I got the wine flight that went with the lunch, for 19.99. Well worth it. We enjoyed it and will do it again if it is offered.
  10. You can show up around 10:30 am. The ship usually starts boarding 11-11:30.
  11. You have NO right to say what health issues I have with ship water. Maybe one day you will have the Pleasure of having your ankles swell to where you can 't walk....then come back and be snarky. I am not selling so you don't have to buy.
  12. Both. I swell like a stuffed pig with ship water. I don't swell with bottled water. I have had ships water that tastes awful.
  13. Wrong! This would be your opinion. There are lots of us out there that do not agree with you. Please don't speak for all of us.
  14. touche' Kenb, thanks for catching that error.
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