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  1. We have a group booked under our TA sailing.
  2. Hello...We are Julie and Randall. We just booked Scarlett Lady. I am Julie. We are excited to see what this ship holds for us. We are not novice cruisers but of course have never sailed this line.
  3. I have booked hotel H 27. I am looking forward to walking around seeing Copenhagen.
  4. Orientkaj is where Cromwell Copenhagen Portside is located . Is it safe to walk to Ocean Kaj from the hotel? And off topic, I read your Northern lights blog. I loved it.
  5. the one that is bolded is the one that has the sour beers. I am seriously considering staying at Comwell Copenhagen Portside so I can see the ship come into port. Also I see on the maps that the subway/ train is right beside the Hotel. ( I know the hotel is under construction, but I won't need it until May2022). Would it be hard to get to any of these breweries? Especially, Mikkeller and Friends? Via the train/ subway? Or should we take a taxi?
  6. I really appreciate this card information. I will definitely be purchasing one for each of us. Also I will check out Hotel Bethel.
  7. Thank you so much! I have a question on sour beer. I found a place that has it on a trip sight. I am curious if this is something other places would have or not. I am beer lover and of sour beers especially.
  8. Hubby and I are sailing on the Voyager of the Seas May 2022. We will be there 2-3 days ahead.I have a few pre-cruise questions: Pier Royal Caribbean usually sails from? What hotel should we look at? I have looked at Tivoli Hotel, but not sure. What not to miss? I know I want to do a canal ride. And the Tivoli gardens. Thank you for the help : )
  9. We have booked the Celebration TA Inaugural. We have not yet been to England, Spain or Portugal. We are excited.
  10. I apologize.....It is different than I was emailed. I see it has changed.
  11. Thanks, on both Carnival Glory and Paradise, they provided a trundle bed for my daughter, the 3rd person in the room The room you booked for your daughter to be in there could be booked for 3 guests. The room you are talking about for upper/ Lower only 2 can be booked into. So even if they had a trundle, it would not be added bc it would make the 3rd bed in a 2 person cabin.
  12. For a 6 day the OBC is 300. It does have to be a 7+ days to get the 600 OBC
  13. Spirit was our first cruise. She is a beauty. She hooked us on cruising and Alaska.
  14. My PVP told me it could take upwards of two weeks or more for the FCC to be applied. That is not the actual amount you owe. Give it some time.
  15. Doesn't matter what anyone thinks! It was posted on Carnival as both types. Now are they going to continue this after the virus is gone? Million dollar question.
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