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  1. We dressed formal for both of our chef tables. We were the only ones who dressed formally.
  2. Everyone is being so helpful! I am enjoying learning what we might like to do. We definitely will be going as I paid off the cruise today! I am very happy to have that out of the way. Now to wait for flights and reviews..
  3. Thank you so much for this information. Brugge will be on our 40th anniversary. I love the idea of a boat trip on the canals. Also I think I need chocolate after 40years! Beer is right up my alley as well. This is going to be a wonderful cruise.
  4. I love that you accidentally booked 3 more trips to Hamburg ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. That is good to know about the sailing into Rotterdam. Having never been to any of the ports, I am studying up on what to do there.
  6. I can't wait to see Norway. We just sailed Alaska for the second time this past June. I love Scenery. I will look into the National Express.
  7. AndyMichelle and eddie11...Thank you for your help! We are really excited to be sailing in 2020 ...Dover to Norway and this cruise in 2021. 2020 will be my first time to Europe. ( Hubby used to live in Italy, but as a child.). The information about dress and hotels was exactly what I wanted. Harbour Hotel looks amazing and just the right touch for our 40th anniversary pre Iona stay. I do have a question about how to get from Heathrow to Southhampton. I am sure I will have more questions as time goes on. I will be looking for reports and posts on Iona as folks start to sail her in May.
  8. I am sorry it was not clear. I am not looking information on Iona, as I know she is still being built. I was looking for information on P&O as a US cruiser coming into the UK to try a different line. As to what you call mundane and what I call mundane are two different animals. The cruise is the one on 3 April 2021. We are very excited to sail to Rotterdam, Hamburg , Bruges. This is our 40th anniversary sailing and we are looking forward to it. We will have a post cruise land tour so it will not be flying just for the cruise. The information you gave on Formal nights is very helpful. Although, hubby has been wearing a tux or suit for several years on cruises so dressing up is not new for us. We enjoy dressing for dinner. Finally, I apologize for my iPhone changing Southhampton to South Hampton. I did not notice the mistake until tonight.
  9. We have never sailed P&O and that was the information I was looking for. I am aware that Iona is still being built. I wanted info on what to expect on P&O. We have not yet been to the UK but will travel there in June of 2020. I look forward to sailing a new line and ship. We are not "party" people. We do enjoy a beer now and again, but have outgrown the party atmosphere of Carnival.
  10. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it very much.
  11. We are booked on IONA In April 2021 for our 40th anniversary. We have only sailed Royal and Carnival. What do we need to know to sail P&O? Any tips appreciated. Also where to stay in South Hampton?
  12. <<<<<<<This is huge โ€” our complete lineup of 2020-21 sailings now open to book<<<<<<<Royal sent this email to me. NOPE! No Europe 2021. It said so but when I went to the website (clicking under Europe 2020-December 2021) only 2020 stuff. Sigh...thanks for getting my hopes up Royal!
  13. We just did Radiance of the Seas this past June, 7 day Northbound out of Vancouver, BC to Seward AK. We absolutely loved the cruise. We Flew into Seattle and took Amtrak to Vancouver. We also did a 5 day land tour with Royal Caribbean. We were the ONLY folks on the tour. ( Hubby, me, Daughter in law and Son). Royal ran the tour for the 4 of us. We Did Tour 10 A. This tour goes all the way into Denali, and we stayed at Kantishna Roadhouse ( in Denali.) We absolutely loved our cruise and our balcony. *yes get a balcony if you can* We spent lots of time on our balcony. The kids had an inside room and really only were there to sleep. They were on our balcony every second they could. We loved the balcony! We saw whales and orcas from our balcony. We saw Bears, Fox, Eagles, Moose, Caribou, Ptarmigan, Everything but a wolf and lynx while in Denali. We saw Denali it's self. ( It is covered in clouds about 70% of the time.) We would go back in a skinny minute to Alaska. And actually are thinking of doing a winter trip to see the Northern lights. Alaska is not cheap but is so worth going.
  14. You are googling Port Canaveral which is the PORT. I just googled car washes in Cape Canaveral and there were 3 that popped up.
  15. This port schedule has been changed. At least our cruise is scheduled to stop at Cozumel on 13 January 20. We were supposed to go to Cozumel on 17 January 2020. But RC changed it.
  16. Google them. You will see what obnoxious little bugs they are! But they only live 2-4 weeks.
  17. I don't know about Florida, but South Carolina was covered with them last week, but the invasion is lessening this week. Hopefully Florida is the same. There should be a car wash in Cape Canaveral. I have not see one in Coco Beach. Not that there isn't one, I have just never seen one there.
  18. Coco Cay has a docking area now, so you should not miss the stop. We have been in January and although the water is cooler, it is not cold. We have only swam in the ocean there. The pool was not there the times we stopped.
  19. Geirangerfjord is on our itinerary for 2020 June. On the Carnival Legend. Am I reading that link right to think we will not go to Geiranger or Geirangerfjord? Carnival has not told us anything yet. I will still sail, but was really looking forward to seeing Geirangerfjord.
  20. Thank You, but we are not sure we are staying booked. We are going to see what the other cruise lines have coming out in December. We are definitely going to Europe in 2021 though.
  21. I just booked this for hubby and I.
  22. I am hoping for something like this too, in 2021. Otherwise it will be Celebrity for us as well.
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