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  1. If I happen to leave it in my checked luggage, and get called to the naughty room, will I be able to keep it when I prove it is wine?
  2. My 12/4 cruise should not be affected - The Star is due to arrive in San Pedro at 06:15 on 12/4 from Hawaii.
  3. We are leaving LA on 12/4. To date we have not been notified of any change (we are about 7 weeks out) and as of this morning our travel summary remains the same.
  4. When I went through the Suez Canal I spent most of my time in the combat center of a U.S. Navy destroyer. 🙂
  5. I saw a post on this board about a wine holder that has a liner that will absorb 750 ML of liquid. I want to get these, even for my carry on, which will be loaded into the hotel van, but cannot find the thread. They can also be used to package shampoo, etc. Can someone help?
  6. I would go for E731 and never look back - the balcony is Huge....same size as E730 - see attached picture - this would be E730 - E731 would be reversed - covered with side and aft wiews
  7. I looked it up - 29.75 " wide - same width folded - also consider space in the cabin.
  8. Tell that to my wife who has magnets all over our stainless steel refrigerator. If nickel is added, then no magnetic properties.
  9. This question arose based on a friend who was taking a 1 way to hawaii on another line and nearly missed the ship. They felt their vacation protection would fly them to Hawaii, put them up and feed them. I doubted, but not sure -
  10. What happens if your flight is late, and you miss the ship - what is the procedure if the next port is Hilo, Hawaii 5 days later? Are you flown to Hawaii, put up in a hotel for 5 nights, and provided food?
  11. Movies under the sun? I believe those screens show all day.
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