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  1. If this Bermuda change is real, and given Bermuda's current shut-down, what's the chances that Bermuda allows a ship to dock, is on the itinerary, but no one can disembark? Basically a cruise to nowhere that satisfies US shipping/cruise rules that a foreign port is required. Or maybe, they only allow passengers to circulate at King's Wharf (no Horseshoe Bay, etc.), thus addressing their own public health concerns? This latter idea may not be too crazy. Obviously, everyone should be aware prior to the cruise, but maybe cruise demand is so great that it won't matter? (
  2. I'll be the contrarian. We prefer forward and aft Haven cabins rather than staying inside the Haven. We use all of the Haven amenities, of course, but we also use the rest of the ship as well. Plus we don't mind the walk (no elevator use is our goal) as it helps offset the calories.
  3. Agree with the other poster on the recommendation to re-book under the current offer where all adults in the booking receive the drink package (at the cost of the gratuities, or course). Depending on the current rates against your original booking, this may or may not be financially wise, but it's worth a look. I did myself: when this drink package offer was posted a few weeks ago, I re-booked a Haven 2 family so my adult kids could be part of the fun (and save a lot of money).
  4. I can only comment on the spicy part. I have routinely asked to make things spicy, if possible, and usually receive blank stares or an explanation that X or Y is made a certain way. Fine. I then ask for red pepper flakes or Sriracha which a server can usually accommodate.
  5. Consider me a hooked follower. Thanks for sharing the fun with us! Say, I'm a big fan of the Waterfront's only outdoor bar, the Cavern Club (and the It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar on the Escape) - who can argue with such great views, a bar, and an unlimited drink package? That said, a bit too quiet. Do you know if they finally added outdoor music to the bar with the Encore?
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