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  1. I'll be the contrarian. We prefer forward and aft Haven cabins rather than staying inside the Haven. We use all of the Haven amenities, of course, but we also use the rest of the ship as well. Plus we don't mind the walk (no elevator use is our goal) as it helps offset the calories.
  2. Agree with the other poster on the recommendation to re-book under the current offer where all adults in the booking receive the drink package (at the cost of the gratuities, or course). Depending on the current rates against your original booking, this may or may not be financially wise, but it's worth a look. I did myself: when this drink package offer was posted a few weeks ago, I re-booked a Haven 2 family so my adult kids could be part of the fun (and save a lot of money).
  3. I can only comment on the spicy part. I have routinely asked to make things spicy, if possible, and usually receive blank stares or an explanation that X or Y is made a certain way. Fine. I then ask for red pepper flakes or Sriracha which a server can usually accommodate.
  4. Consider me a hooked follower. Thanks for sharing the fun with us! Say, I'm a big fan of the Waterfront's only outdoor bar, the Cavern Club (and the It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar on the Escape) - who can argue with such great views, a bar, and an unlimited drink package? That said, a bit too quiet. Do you know if they finally added outdoor music to the bar with the Encore?
  5. Great topic. I regularly fill out the vacation hero cards and am happy to learn that there may be financial and time off benefits for these hard working people. It seems as if most of the staff is wearing a "Vacation Hero" pin. That's great as I'm assuming they are earned. Also worth noting that at the behind the scenes ship tour (on the Joy), I saw several of them posted on bulletin boards of various departments. Keep writing them!!
  6. THANK YOU for all of the time and effort you put into the review! We all appreciate it. Gonna be on the Joy soon. Can't wait!
  7. Well Happy Birthday! That's a nice perk that, I'm assuming, will drive Gen Z loyalty. Thanks for the quick reply.
  8. A poster on another topic commented that when a minor turns 18 they'd get accumulated Latitudes credits for prior sailings (when they didn't get any such credit). Is that true? Do your kids zoom up to some higher tier by virtue of turning 18 or do they start at zero?
  9. "Not to be missed?" For me, it was parking myself on the Waterfront, at the 5 O'Clock Somewhere bar, with a drink and an unobstructed view of the ocean. This spot is kind of a hidden gem.
  10. Stayed in Haven aft on Escape to Bermuda. Yes, compared to other Haven experiences (forward facing room and penthouse room), butler attention and frequency of visits were fewer in the aft room. It didn't make or break our cruise, but it was noticeable....meaning, later in the day getting snacks, ice, room set-up, etc. Plus, you rarely bump into the butler to maybe ask or discuss something. (I never used that phone that I know is there. Seems awkward to me). Anyway, that said, the aft rooms cost more for a reason: space. (See photo below for the balcony on our way out of NYC). We loved it. I know it's not for everyone, but for us at least, walking the length of the ship is a good thing....as well as always taking the stairs. It helps offset all of the calories!
  11. One NYC port tip, perhaps never to replicated (?), was when we sailed out of NYC last July 2018... As the City skyline was fading in the distance, looking back from the windows in the buffet, a whale breached the surface...twice! That was pretty incredible.
  12. Geez, I guess I need to bring more money... Thanks for the information!
  13. Hello all. Is the casino open when truly on the "inside passage" part of the Alaska sailing of the Joy this summer? On the two sea days, I assume the answer is yes, but I'm very unclear about the rest of the trip. Can anyone help on this one?
  14. Thanks for the reply and assurance. From what you are saying, then, H8 and H7 are nearly the same except the former has the connecting option...which, to me, doesn't equate to a $600 LESS expensive choice, but I'm glad it does. Have fun on your cruise!!
  15. Hello all. Believe it or not, the professional chat person on the NCL.com website couldn't definitively answer this, but I bet you can do better... Does the Norwegian Joy "Haven Suite - Connecting Stateroom" (H8) have a balcony? The description (see above) implies it does, but I'm thinking something fishy is going on. Why? This particular stateroom is $600 less p/p than the "Foward Facing Penthouse With Balcony" (H7), even though both H7 and H8 are forward facing. Does the photo or floor plan help? Nope. The photo for the H8 is the same as for H7 and there's no floor plan provided ("coming soon"). More telling, the word "balcony" is not in the name of the stateroom type. Am I needlessly concerned? I know the ship is being refurbished, but before I plan this vacation, and lay down a lot of money (and expectations), there has to be definitive answer. Anyone have some insight? Thanks!
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