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  1. We're about a hour from Ft. Lauderdale and todays high was 87 F and mid 70's in the morning with 96% humidity .
  2. This is a description of the mask as found on Amazon დ 1.Multi-purpose Product——The rhinestone face mask is connected by glittering rhinestones into a mesh structure, breathable,comfortable and fashionable to wear. And it can be used with protective equipment. (Note: This product is not used as a protective product.)
  3. Sorry to hear that you will miss Grand Turk . Will they be replacing it with another port ? Did they cancel Aruba or HMC ?
  4. Here you go . Have a great trip and we're looking forward to hearing about it .😊
  5. Wow, for that much you could each had a piece of Mochi at Nama Sushi and leave a 5% tip . 🙂
  6. Thank you for sharing your cruise and photos with us . We regret having to cancel this cruise and are sorry that you have to miss the Port of Sitka . We also missed it on our previous cruise due to high winds and waves and had really hoped to see it through your eyes .
  7. You've got that right Mic ! Here's the link to our HAL review of Alaska:Eurodam to Alaska : We came , we saw , we photographed https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2407706-eurodam-to-alaska-we-came-we-saw-we-photographed/
  8. Oh, so that is where all our warm water tails have gone. In fact we will have some tonight! We are glad the testing and all has worked out for you. We were suppose to join you on this cruise, but ended up cancelling last month. It has worked out for the best. Some cruise soon hopefully. We will be following you. Have a wonderful trip.
  9. The K-Dam @ Half Moon Cay taken from the Nieuw Statendam
  10. Flying Chinstrap penguin video - they are fast .
  11. The New Year's Eve sunset @22:30 on 2018 having just left Antarctica enroute to Port Stanley , Falkland Islands via the Drake Passage.
  12. Some penguins on an iceberg in the snow
  13. Tom , We have had both SA and SB suites on other class ships and we prefer the SBs . We don't mind a little walk to get to the lounge and we think the balcony is well worth it as seen in a couple of video clips we shot from an SB on the Zuiderdam . We loved eating meals out back especially with a sunrise or sunset .
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