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  1. Southampton prices are appalling. 2020 2 week med in August on anthem in a grand suite is £7.8k the same cruise in 2021 is over £17k!!! very sad to say after 27 years of cruising royal and being totally loyal and getting to diamond plus, I have just booked my first p&o cruise for 2021 as it’s £9k cheaper then royal..
  2. Thank you! Am struggling to find the old cruise critic post on d738 through forum search. Have found the you tube on f731. so hard, I know royal Caribbean ships like the back of my hand but this is all new!!
  3. Hi all, im new to the p&o board, as just booked on Britannia as royal Caribbean prices for 2021 are ridiculous. We are seasoned royal cruises but newbies to p&o. I have picked d738, and am hoping I have made a good choice, it was that or f730 or f731. Does anyone have any pictures or comments on that cabin? Thank you !
  4. My mum is going to melt down she had both TA's booked and the 3 night and 4 night booked. She has already had the last minute Navigator cancellation happen to her. How can RC be this bad at planning and customer services - shame on them! I have to agree the UK prices were ridiculous compared to what we paid a few years ago.
  5. In my opinion Harmony is is so much better than oasis! Glad you could find something - enjoy shes beautiful!
  6. ts possibly because thats the UK's school holiday week...
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