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  1. On 11/14/2019 at 8:50 AM, scottraveller said:

    Just noticed the itineraries for 2021 have been released. Two things ; first they have not deployed any larger ships other than Anthem out of Southampton and Harmony out of Barcelona  ; second their prices are astronomical. Looking at Southampton cruises for a grand suite they’re asking £15000 for an 11 night cruise and that’s with a buy one get 60% off second person. I usually cruise a couple of times a year with RCI but not at those prices. It’s clear to me that they’re trying it on. 

    Southampton prices are appalling. 2020 2 week med in August on anthem in a grand suite is £7.8k the same cruise in 2021 is over £17k!!!


    very sad to say after 27 years of cruising royal and being totally loyal and getting to diamond plus, I have just booked my first p&o cruise for 2021 as it’s £9k cheaper then royal..

  2. 23 minutes ago, Suebiker said:


    Hi - if you google P and O Brittania F731 - there is a you tube video of this cabin also there was an old post on cruise critic which had some photo's of D738.   I believe the cabins on F deck are a slightly different layout to the other aft suites. Hope it helps a little.  You may also like to know that there is a smoking area  on the portside next to the live lounge.  Don't know if smoking bothers you or not but might be something to factor in .


    Thank you! Am struggling to find the old cruise critic post on d738 through forum search. Have found the you tube on f731.


    so hard, I know royal Caribbean ships like the back of my hand but this is all new!!

  3. Hi all,


    im new to the p&o board, as just booked on Britannia as royal Caribbean prices for 2021 are ridiculous. We are seasoned royal cruises but newbies to p&o. I have picked d738, and am hoping I have made a good choice, it was that or f730 or f731. Does anyone have any pictures or comments on that cabin?

     Thank you !

  4. 1 hour ago, ezelaya said:

    Well, even though all of this happened, we have been able to secure a new cruise on Harmony of the Seas (which looks way more fun than Oasis was, even though I loved Oasis) on June 2nd. Travel agent already booked the suites and once the refund and FCC hits, we will use that. 


    All hope is not lost!

    In my opinion Harmony is is so much better than oasis! Glad you could find something - enjoy shes beautiful!

  5. 7 minutes ago, Sirlancelot said:

    Oh, UKMDAY1, We would only want the regular (large) size symphony though, not the mini crystal block that we heard they gave for the inaugural symphony sailing. Haven't ever shipped to the UK but we assume it can be done but in looking at the shipping rates it looks like  something like £20 or 30  to ship one of these blocks ...

    Awesome. Ours is a regular symphony block, didn’t know there was a smaller one to be honest.


    i have shipped to the us and received from the us also, so yes it is doable just a little more expensive.


    Do you want to email me at dawn dot Davis at MDLZ dot com to arrange?

  6. On 12/14/2018 at 6:56 PM, mazgd said:

    I am in search of a "legend of the Seas" and "Radiance of the Seas" Crystal Block I have a Splendour and Monarch to exchange if anyone is interested


    I would love your monarch. Would independence, navigator or symphony be any good for you as a swap?

  7. does anyone know if you can still pay for day visits when the ships are in Southampton?

    Am in Southampton for the weekend and would love to take my friend who has never cruised on Indy or explorer next year when they are in port at the same time.

    Hunted on here and web and can’t find anything, hoping they still do this!

  8. Hi All,


    I have 2 x independence and 2 x navigator blocks to trade.


    Would very much like to swap for the following












    PS I am in the UK.

  9. I've just logged in to this. Not finding it very user friendly. I'm booked in a cabin with one dd and hubby is booked in another with the other dd. I used to be able to see both bookings on my account as they were linked but now I can only see mine and can't add hubby's as I'm not on it. Also can't access cruise planner directly from my booking whereas I could before using the old system.


    I have the exact same problem we have 2 cabins therefore 2 bookings, and I used to be able to see both bookings in my account. Have now had to create one for hubby to see the second cabin. I think before because the surname was the same it let you add them but now it asks who you are and of course you are not on the other booking so it doesn't allow you to add it!


    Such a shambles, why release something that is clearly not ready! Shame on you royal!

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