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  1. If you do not have a huge table I would think anytime would be the best. We were a table of eight so needed a set time however we saw tables of six or less being seated right away. Rushing to get to “your time” wasn’t really fun.
  2. It was the 2nd sea day then the sea day-1st night after our last stop in Aruba. we were divided up into 3 dining tables which worked fine then all who wanted to had breakfast together in the MD/Meridian every morning. With the Carnival App which I HIGHLY recommend that cost $5 for the whole trip let’s you chat with anyone else on ship who you connect with (through invitation). First person to dining room let others know they were there then host sat others with you. They only need your cabin#.
  3. On our June 15th cruise we asked immediately once on board to not have late dining. We were assigned a 5:30 dining in the Meridian which was the aft and definitely the nicer of the 2 dining rooms in my opinion. we had same table and same server however we found out we were actually considered “Anytime” dining. on the 5th night I asked if we could please come at 6:00 pm. Because we were not drinkers and we really did not want to sit and linger the Host agreed. The extra 1/2 hour was great.
  4. We were on the 8night. Grand Turk, Dominican,Aruba, Curocus.
  5. Our family of 42 just got off the Carnival Horizon yesterday 6/23/19. It was a beautiful ship. The children loved it! We had an OS suite which was WONDERFUL! Philip was our room steward and honestly I,cannot say I ever had a better one. The MD room food was awesome (better then Disney’s) our last cruise. Our main waiter in the Meridian dining room (Aft) Oka was his name was exceptional. We had family in Reflections which was midship and I must say, the Meridian was a lot nicer. I personally was not crazy about the buffet at all but I do not eat meat and very little seafood. Also, one day walking through I slipped and fell. There definitely needs to be something done to the floors since people walk through constantly wet. The Dr. Suess Character breakfast is a must and no worries, the $5 p.p. Was well worth it. My husband had filet mignon and eggs. If you have any questions about your upcoming cruise please feel free to ask and will try and get back to you. YaYa
  6. We are torn between early and late dining. Considering “Anytime” but need to know how that works if you want to see the main show. I am told you watch 1st show with late dining and late show with early dining. can someone help me out here please?
  7. Should you need/want to dispute any charges, you can ONLY due so on a major credit card. No luck in a debit card since it’s really your checking account. And you just never know...
  8. You would have to drink a heck of a lot to even get a tiny buzz. some people just like the taste of beer but cannot have alcohol.
  9. I printed ours out yesterday along with luggage tags.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the Horizon sells non-alcoholic beer? I’ve called Carnival and they cannot tell me. Thank you!
  11. Can we take down the balcony divider between us and our daughters family on Carnival Horizon? On 7th deck. We have an OS, they have a regular balcony.
  12. Thank you for that. Last cruise we took was out of Port Canaveral. We did an off site parking company and honestly it really was not a fun way to start or end a wonderful vacation.
  13. I have been hearing a lot about this “white party” but thought it was only on the 6 night cruise. Should we all bring white outfits? Did you dress for the 80’s party? Thank you!
  14. The reason that I am choosing the Miami Port at the cruise terminal is strictly for convince. It cost $22 per day but garage is in the cruise terminal. However, Premier cruise parking is $6.95 plus tax per day and is 1-1/2 miles from ship which actually is 15-20 min on the free shuttle (up to 4 people). It is a covered garage too. I was told sometimes you wait 30 mins. for the shuttle and then the drive. I believe this place is safe and you save $$$. Just depends on which you prefer.
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